The batting heavy RCB side will be facing some tricky bowlers in their encounter against KKR © IANS
The batting heavy RCB side will be facing some tricky bowlers in their encounter against KKR © IANS

Apr 24, 2014

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(Chris Gayle returns as batting heavy RCB side look to pack a punch on Kolkata at Sharjah. Catch all the live updates and live scores here.)


Chris Lynn is awarded the man of the match for his 45 and a catch that will be talked about for amny years to come



Umesh Yadav bowls the last over and Albie digs out a single and de Villiers smokes it to deep mid-wicket for another single. The third ball is full toss but Albie can’t connect cleanly and it is another single. and WHAT A CATCH!! mind is blown…take a bow Chris Lynn. First with the bat and takes an unbelievable catch in the deep of de villers. Lynn slips and waves in mid-air to pouch it. two runs down the ground from Starc and its only a single off the last ball. Fantastic finish to the match
OUT!de Villiers 11(11)



Yuvraj Singh smacks a boundary of Yadav and then to the fielder at deep point. Ab tries a reverse sweep but can’t connect it is nine of the last over needed.
OUT!Yuvraj 31(34)



Narine’s last over is on and he pitches it a little short and he works away through the gap for a couple. The wait is over and Narine bowls a juicy full-toss to Virat and the Delhi man smacks it for a four. Narine and KKR’s prayers are answered as the ball hits Virat on his pads and hits the stumps and this is a crucial wicket under the circumstances.
V Kohli 31(23)



Kallis is brought in for another over and Yuvraj plays an awkward looking shot. The next ball is a slower delivery and Yuvraj is deceived. Kallis targets the pads on the leg side and Yuvraj ticks away to the leg-side boundary. Virat keeps the strike with a single of the last ball.



Narine is brought in for aother over with Kolkata desperately looking to break the partnership and the two batsmen cautiously negate to score six of the over.



Kallis comes into the attack and Virat plays two gorgeous cover drives of rather ordinary deliveries from the Virat and then strokes for a single. Yuvraj rotates the strike. RCB are moving along nicely and its 10 from the over.


The spin wizard Sunil Narine is back into the attack and Kohli strokes behind backward square for a single. Narine entices Yuvraj to play forward and the southpaw can’t get it away. Three dot balls in a row and the pressure is on Yuvi. Yuvraj cuts the ball in the third man area and gets a couple. Another tidy over by Narine.
Its over-pitched from Yadav and Virat can’t find the gap. The second ball is worked away on the leg-side for a single. Short ball is smacked away on the leg side for a six by Yuvraj and slices the next ball away for a single. Virat’s class is on full display and typically hits over mid-on for a four.
Morne Morkel comes into the attack and Virat works a single and Yuvraj is looking tentative at the crease. The third ball is worked away for a single by Yuvi. Virat works majestically on the leg side and the lightening quick batsmen run three runs and Yuvraj gets a nasty bouncer from Morne which Yuvraj ducks away. Yuvi gerts another snorter and thats the end of Morne for this match.
Vinay Kumar is brought back for another over and Parthiv is deceived by the bounce and it is a simple catch at short mid-off. Two quick wickets and Kolkata are back in the contest. Yuvraj is the new man in and Vinay greets him with a widish delivery. Yuvraj nods the ball and gets off strike. Kohli works the third ball away to fine leg for a single. Its another single from Yuvraj and Kohli gets off strike too.
OUT!P Patel 21(19)
The legend Jacques Kallis is given the ball to stem the run flow and give KKR the wicket they so crave right now. But runs are coming thick and fast. Takawale chops a length ball and the ball finds the boundary. Kallis does finds the breakthrough. Takawale moves across and is caught plumb in front. Virat Kohli comes to the crease and is treated with a wild roar from the crowd.
Takawale 40(28)
Parthiv pulls the first delivery in front of square-leg for a boundary and Vinay Kumar bowls an ordinary ball down the leg side for a boundary and Bangalore are cruising. Vinay has to to do better and the last ball is a bouncer that Parthiv can’t do much
Morne Morkel comes into the attack yet again and takawale shot finds no-man’s land and the second ball is smacked past the ground for a boundary and the the fourth ball is scooped over first slip for a boundary and everybody is bemused. Takawale smokes it over mid-on and it is yet another boundary, Morne is losing the plot here,
Sunil Narine is on and KKR need a wicket. Parthiv slaps thorough the off side for a single and predictably Narine puts the brakes on the scoring and only a single comes of the first over.


Lot of drama in the fourth over and two boundaries came of the over. It was a blunder by Uthappa should have pouched a catch.
Morne Morkel is in for the second over and Parthiv cuts away for a single. Takawale cuts but no avail. The ball narrowly misses the edge but the third delivery is nudged away to third man for a single. The fourth delivery is a short delivery and Parthiv can’t do much about that. Morne steams in and Parthiv had a wide swing and misses. Brilliant pace from Morkel!
Umesh Yadav steams in for the for the first over and the second ball is hooked and the ball lands safely despite square-leg fielder’s valiant effort. The fourth delivery is cut away for a boundary and the chase is on, The shot is of man in form despite a packed off-side field. Umesh needs better control and its eight of the first over.
catch the full innings report here
The final over is from Mitchell Starc and he starts with a huge wide of the first delivery. A leg-bye and the batsmen run for a single and Yadav is off strike. Vinay heaves and misses but batsmen run a single with ball reaching the keeper’s hands. Yadav tries an inside out shot and clears cover and the batsmen run two. The fourth ball is a good delivery and single is the best bet out of that delivery. Thats another yorker from Starc in the fifth ball of the over and the bastmen run two. Superb stuff from the Aussie. The last delivery is a slower one and Vinay tries to scoop it and only find Albie Morkel’s hands.
OUT!Vinay Kumar 4 (5)
That is some confidence from Suryakumar, almost Inzamam style. A sweep of a pacer goes to the boundary and that delights the crowd. There is hoick of the next ball and the ball falls in no-man’s land. The batsmen take a couple. The third delivery is superb yorker and the Vinay digs out for a single. Dinda is getting the yorkers all evening and it doing it well.
Varun Aaron comes and Uthappa doesn’t connect and the ball only finds Mitchell Starc in the deep who takes a safe catch. Excellent bowling from Aaron,. Vinay Kumar is the third Karnataka player playing against his state. Yadav is looking good at the crease. The fifth ball goes for a wide down the leg side and the Kolkata camp is almost down and out. The batsmen scamper for a single for a single and Aaron is hitting the 145 case here. That is some fine stuff
The impressive Mitchell Starc comes back into the attack after yet another super display from Chahal. Yadav hits behind square for a couple and two singles of the next two balls. The next one is short delivery to Uthappa and the batmsen gets a top edge and goes over the long leg boundary. A much needed six for Uthappa. A single is taken of the next ball and the last delivery witnesses a stylish flick by Yadav for a six over the square leg boundary. 16 comes of the over.
Chahal outfoxes Kallis and the veteran all-rounder’s lofted shot only finds Takawale’s fingers anmd Kallis is gone. Suryakumar Yadav is the new man in and the batsmen are still finding it hard to get away Chahal.
Kallis 44(43),
Dinda is back for another over and is continuing with the length that worked so well for him in the last over. Its three singles of the first three balls and there goes another single behind square from Uthappa and Kallis misses out on a full-toss and there is another single to deep point. Yuvraj Singh turns back the clock with a brilliant diving stop to give away just a single.
Chahal comes back into the attack despite the spinners being rather expensive today. There goes a misfield from Aaron and the batsmen take a single and hundred comes up for Kolkata. Uthappa almost scoops it back to Chahal but it falls just short of the right arm spinner.
Dinda comes in for his second over and is bowling full length deliveries which the batsmen are finding hard to take apart. Its a rather good from Dinda and silenced critics like me. Only five of that over.
Varun Aaron comes in for his third over and the batsmen are on the move. Lynn is targeting the mid-wicket area and doesn’t connect two deliveries. A frustrated, tired hit down the ground falls kindly to the hands of Ab de Villiers. A fine innings comes to an end.Well played Chris Lynn. Yusuf Pathan is the new batsman in and there goes another wicket. A tame shot by Pathan does not clear the mid-off fielder and Virat Kohli takes a simple catch. Irresponsible batting from Yusuf. Robin Uttappa strokes away for a single.
OUT!C Lynn 45(31), Y Pathan 0(2)
The moment has arrived and Ashok Dinda comes in to bowl and he concedes only five off the five balls and bowls a staple fare of his a bowls a comical wide. The last ball is slapped for a couple down for a couple
Chahal continues to threaten the batsmen despite being hit for the first boundary of the tournament. Kallis takes a single with a jab and so does Lynn. Lynn is looking to attack every delivery and sweeps hard to the fence but it is nicely cut off by Albie Morkel.
Murali comes in for his second over and he smothers Kallis for the first two deliveries and the batsmen take two singles. The fifth ball is smacked for another huge six over deep mid-wicket. What a six that was and Murali is having an ordinary day,
the find of the tournament Yuzvendrs Chahal comes in and Lynn hits it high in the air and everyone is certain Mitchell Starc is going to catch it. The ball pops out of his h hand and catches it of the second attempt and the ball goes for a six as Starc’s foot hits the boundary.
Kolkata were 42 for 2 at the end of 6 overs while we experienced some technical difficulty. Kohli is back from treatment and Muttaih Muralitharan’s comeback to cricket was treated with utter disrespect as Lynn smokes the spinning legend for a huge six over mid-wicket. de villiers lights up the crowd with some brilliant fielding while the batsmen scamper for a single and Chris Lynn! yet again. stands and hits it to the stands. Another six and it is big over.

KKR 38/2 Ovs 5 Kallis 16(15), Lynn 16(11) Kallis slaps Albie Morkel’s first ball through the off side. Chris Lynn’s intentions are clear and misses a delivery. Kallis strokes through the off-side and we have a Ashok Dinda moment here. The Bengal man misses the ball as it spun a little bit as the ball goes to the boundary and the next one by Albie screams ‘ and ‘hit me’ and Kallis obliges duly. Albie’s rhythm is unsettled and the last delivery falls awkwardly in front of Kohli and smacks Virat on his jaw. The skipper off for treatment

its all happening and RCB have got off to a blistering start. Mitchell Starc trapped Gambhir in front for his third duck in a row and Manish Pandey scoped the ball to the covers. Chris Lynn is the new man in.
Kolkata Knight Riders playing XI: Gautam Gambhir, Jacques Kallis, Manish Pandey, Robin Uthappa, Yusuf Pathan, Chris Lynn, SA Yadav, R Vinay Kumar, Sunil Narine, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav
Royal Challengers Bangalore playing XI: Parthiv Patel , Yogesh Takawale, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, AB de villiers, Albie Morkel, Muttaih Muralitharan, Ashok Dinda, Mitchell Starc, Yuzvendra Chahal & Varun Aaron
Toss: Royal Challengers Bangalore win toss and skipper Virat Kohli decides to chase.

    Hello and a warm welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Indian Premier League 2014 Match 11 between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). I am R Vishal and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. Well, the big news of the match is that Jamaican big fellow Chris Gayle is all set to return for RCB. With Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, AB de Villiers and Gayle now, this is the batting line-up which the team management had planned after the auctions. Whereas for Kolkata, things seem to be going well except for some death overs bowling. They got hammered in the last over by JP Duminy who played a brilliant innings.   For Bangalore, this will be yet another test to maintain their clean sheet so far. They won against Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians. They have a good bowling attack but they will have to contain the in-form Manish Pandey. They will also look to target the KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir who has two ducks in a row now. Sunil Narine will once again be the key after the powerplay and Morne Morkel at the start. It’s going to be tough for Bangalore to get off to a blazing start against the stingy bowling attack.   Read more here: Happy Birthday, Sachin Tendulkar!   Catch live score and ball-by-ball commentary of the RCB vs KKR match here   Click here for IPL 2014 Schedule: Match time table for IPL 7   Click here for IPL 2014 Schedule & Results   Click here for IPL 2014 complete coverage