The accused called Tendulkar's office 20-25 times with the marriage proposal of him and Sara © Getty Images
The accused called Tendulkar’s office 20-25 times with the marriage proposal of him and Sara © Getty Images

Falling for celebrities is nothing new. Many a times fans have been seen proposing to cricketers during live matches, holding up placards. Fans have even gone to an extent of trying to kiss their crushes. However, the case of Sachin Tendulkar‘s daughter, Sara, was different. Numerous calls would come in at Tendulkar’s office directly pitching marriage proposals for his 20-year-old daughter. After thorough investigation, the accused, Debkumar Maiti, was finally found in West Bengal.

When asked by reporters on why he wants to marry Sara, Debkumar left everyone in bewildered, saying lightning instructed him to do the same.

For the matter of fact, he has never seen Sara in person. He has been to Mumbai only once in his life, for handicraft-related work. He was sent back the very day, he admits, as he was not well versed in Hindi. But he knew enough of the language to construct, “Main Sara se shadi karna chahta hoon [I want to marry Sara].” So, how did he fall in love? “Watching her on TV”, says Debkumar.

“I looked up in the sky and asked, ‘Is Sara Tendulkar my wife?’, and lightning struck to confirm it. I said it on phone when I called Tendulkar’s office,” Debkumar told media, without any trace of tremble in his voice.

He managed the number from one of his nephews, who surfed the net to get it done. Debkumar called the number 20-25 times, he himself confirms.

“I used to say, in broken Hindi, ‘Sara Tendulkar is my life and I want to marry her’,” Debkumar says, later showing a tattoo on his wrist which reads ‘Deb and Sara’.

But how did he gather courage to propose the daughter of the national icon?

“Ships, trains stop at my sight. Even I am the best in the world,” he claims.

These facts, of course, have not been validated.

The most shocking part is, he got the tattoo done in 2013 and claims he loves Sara since 2011. The girl was only 13 back then.

“I do not regret any of my decisions,” Debkumar concluded, leaving everyone puzzled.