Sachin Tendulkar made headlines even when he got out for a duck

Sachin Tendulkar used to love playing ‘ops and bats’ as a youngster © Getty Images

Nov 16, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar’s childhood friend Ricky Couto narrated some of the interesting stories of the Little Master.

He told the Indian Express how Tendulkar hated to lose —cricket, table tennis or arm-wrestling. Recalling an incident with Vinod Kambli and Tendulkar, couto said, “The competition between them was immense. Once Kambli was raving about his own batting and Tendulkar flashed out a paper-cutting that silenced Kambli.

The headline read: ‘Tendulkar out on duck.’ He told Kambli that it made headlines even if he got out at zero.”

He also recalled how Tendulkar and Kambli would enmjoy playing ‘ops and bats’.

Once during a Ranji Trophy game in 2000, I entered the Mumbai dressing room (there were no restrictions then). Tendulkar charged at me, hit me hard on the back and said “opingo” and kept punching,” recalls Couto.