Sachin Tendulkar press conference: Dedicate my success to my mother for all the sacrifices she mad

Sachin Tendulkar © IANS

Nov 17, 2013

17:09 pm: On Indian and foreign coaches

I don’t believe there’s much difference between an Indian and foreign coach. A coach is someone who is like a friend and get the results out of a player consistently. We all know how to play a cover drive. It’s not much technically but between your ears. As long as the relationship between the coach and player is a healthy relation where they are more of friends. He should be able to confide the problems with the coach without fearing that it will be leaked out.



17:09 pm: On critics

Earlier I used to see what is being written and who has written it. But at a stage you realise whose advise you should take, who gives constructive criticism and their intentions. I didn’t read much about criticism as the people who mattered where not there around me with a pen. They were mostly people who had a bat in their hand.

17:03 pm: Happiest and disappointing moments of the career

Winning the ICC World Cup 2011 and the farewell Test were the happiest moments in my career. And to choose a disappointing one, I think the loss in the 2003 World Cup final was a sad day as we reached that far and couldn’t complete with a win.

17:00 pm: Special moments celebrated by family

Throughout my career my family never spoke about the success and failures. When I did well my mother used to prepare sweets and even after the last day, my mother said she had placed some sweets in front of the god. Their reaction to me after I returned from any tour was not at all regarding how I played it was a pure parent-child relation.

My mother was extremely happy after the last innings of 74 runs. Initially I didn’t know whether she would come. I had requested the Mumbai Cricket Association to keep a separate room as well. Yesterday when I went back I could see it in her eyes what it meant.

16:56 pm: On the final moment

It was emotional when I went up to the wicket and realised that this is the last time I would be playing for India in front of jam-packed stadium. It all happened really fast. While I walked to the dressing room, didn’t feel like looking up to everyone in tears. It is hard to express the feelings but at the end I know the decision was correct.

16:50 pm: On the next morning after farewell

I woke up regularly at 6:50am like I used to. But then I realised there is no quick shower take and head to the ground. Made myself a cup of tea and enjoyed breakfast with my wife. A lot of people sent me best wishes and I spent some time replying to the messages. It was pretty much relaxed.

16:50 pm: On the farewell at Wankhede

I have lived this dream not only for myself but also for brother Ajit. Difficult to explain in words, the sacrifice he has made for me. He was emotional as well as relaxed that it was over. The type of farewell I got cannot be planned, but that is how it unfolded according to almighty’s wish.

16:46 pm: On Elbow Injury

After Tennis Elbow surgery I couldn’t even lift Arjun’s plastic bat. When I went to the ground, even the ferociously hit shot landed 15 yards ahead. Injuries were always a tough time for me. And whoever stood by me in that time, I would like to thank them again.

16:45 pm: Compliment from coach Ramakant Achrekar

My coach Ramakant Achrekar never praised me because he didn’t want the success to go to my head. He always said the game is bigger than everything. Whenever we scored runs we always hoped he would compliment. That’s why I joked on Saturday, that I won’t be playing for India now and he can drop in a compliment. Last night he called me and thanked me on the Bharat Ratna award.

16:40 pm: I just wanted to say a big thank you to cricket. I thank cricket for everything that I have in my life. And my gesture to touch the wicket was just a simple gesture and nothing complicated.

16:35 pm: I dedicate this Bharat Ratna for not just my mother but to all the mothers. While growing up we don’t realise how much sacrifice she makes to keep us happy.

16:30 pm: Decision to retire

The day I feel I should stop cricket, I will tell you.

Questions of retiring were going on for a long time. That feeling came. After playing for 24 years you need to appreciate that overcoming injuries were not easy. The body gives a message, ‘enough of this physical rest’.

Training sessions were becoming an effort. Earlier it was all automatic. In between I felt like watching television. And when I tried to solve that question mark, I felt it was apt to retire.