Ross Taylor celebrating Christmas with family    Ross Talyor's Twitter handle
Ross Taylor celebrating Christmas with his family Ross Taylor’s Twitter handle

Today is December 25, the day which is celebrated throughout the world as Christmas marking the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. The most celebrated festival and birthday throughout the globe got some really awesome tweets from a lot many cricketers. Let’s take a glance at tweets of some cricketers who shared the joy of Christmas with their family, relatives, fans and the masses. Christmas is celebrated by people from all religions, regions, race, caste and colour and is the day when people get together, forget the problems in their lives, forgive their enemies and also seek forgiveness from others. The cricketing world is not aloof from enjoying the festivities and sharing their happiness and joy with others. READ: Sachin Tendulkar wishes fans on Christmas Day

Cricketers are usually very busy people and do not get enough time for writing about their day to day affairs but Christmas is one such occasion where they do take out time from their packed schedule to share their pictures and emotions on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. During Christmas, people go to church and pray for themselves and also for others. They also share gifts through a game which is called the ‘Secret Santa’. Usually the receiver is kept in suspense over who gave them the gift and this person is called the Secret Santa . Children also sing carols in the church. It needs to be mentioned here that the real date of Jesus’s birth is not clear. Hence, in a few churches around the world, Christmas is celebrated on January 6, 7 and 19 as they consider them to be the actual dates of Jesus’s birth. Christmas cricket XI: Church, Cake, Bell, Carol, and more