Sachin Tendulkar's latest hairsdo just a casual change

Sachin Tendulkar was seen with a latest hairdo during the Asia Cup AFP

Mumbai: Mar 25, 2012

Like everything else about him, Sachin Tendulkar’s latest hairdo has generated considerable buzz among commentators and his fans but the master batsman said that there was no particular reason for it.

In the recently concluded Asia Cup, Tendulkar had done away with his traditional close cropped curly hair and was sporting straight and longer hair.

Some speculated that the change had been carried out to bring better luck since Tendulkar had failed to score his 100th international century during the past one year.

When asked why he has straightened out his curly locks, Tendulkar merely smiled and said, “I just felt like growing my hair but there is no reason for it.” (PTI)