Sachin Tendulkar ends his Ranji Trophy career in grand fashion

Dhawal Kulkarni was born on the same day that Sachin Tendulkar made his Ranji debut © PTI

Oct 31, 2013

It was nothing short of pure co-incidence that when Sachin Tendulkar shephereded Mumbai to an amazing victory against Haryana, his parnrter at the other end, Dhawal Kulkarni was born on the same day on which Little Master made his debut in Ranji Trophy on December 10, 1988.

He began his amazing journey in the Ranji Trophy with a century on his debut and in his last match, the champion batsman was carried around the cricket field on the shoulders by the physio Amogh Pandit.

His partner at the other end, Kulkarni was naturally ecstatic, he said, “It’s a dream come true for me. I wanted to go down in history as the last player to partner him in a domestic match and I’m glad I could do it.” Kulkarni quoted as saying by Times of India.

Start of the day began with a guard of honour being given to Tendulkar by the Jadeja led Haryana team.

Tendulkar stated, “What are you doing! Kal bhi toh thaa (you did it yesterday too),” grinning at Haryana skipper and former teammate Ajay Jadeja, who replied back, “But sir, aaj hi toh last day hai [But today is the last day]!”

Tendulkar stood tall in difficult conditions and didn’t disappoint anyone by scoring those 39 runs required for victory. His partner, Kulkarni played with guts and determination and stood firm when up against some fine bowling.

A soon as Kulkarni scored the winning runs, an ecstatic Tendulkar raised his arms in joy, as it turned out to be a perfect beginning in what would be a farewell season for him.

Tendulkar said, “It was a challenging wicket which had a lot in it for the bowlers, it was fun to bat on this,” he said. “[The target] might be 240 on paper, but it is 280 anywhere else. This was just the kind of outing I was looking for. It was all about talking cricket, getting to know each other, keeping each other relaxed. The West Indies series will be a good one. Hopefully we will live up to the expectations of people.”

He continued by thanking the people of Lahli for supporting him, he added, “Thanks to the people of Lahli. Thank you everyone for making this match memorable for me.”

Hopefully, it will help Tendulkar to leave an indelible mark during the test series against West Indies and his international career will end on a memorable note too.

Ajay Jadeja admitted that they lost only because of one man, “You call him ‘god’, I’ve always called him ‘master’. But if he is ‘god’, who can fight with ‘god?’ Tendulkar showed today that the journey never ends, that learning never stops. He remained not out, that means his score here is infinite. If he had needed to score 30-40 more, he would have done that too. The plan was very simple. We needed to get Sachin out but we couldn’t do it.”

Mumbai skipper, Zaheer Khan who is trying to make a comeback into the Indian set-up said, “I can’t say what I feel in just a few words. It’s been special. He would have been an all-time great in any era. He’s been a master, everybody calls him ‘master’. I guess match practice is the best practice before his farewell Tests.”

Mumbai batsman, Kaustubh Pawar on the special occasion of playing with Tendulkar in his last Ranji Trophy game, “It was a special moment. It was difficult to believe,” he said.

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