Sachin Tendulkar told an interesting story about a mongoose getting inside the field. Picture courtesy: Paulami Chakraborty
Sachin Tendulkar told an interesting story about a mongoose getting inside the field. Picture courtesy: Paulami Chakraborty

Playing at the iconic Eden Gardens has been a special experience for a lot of cricketers, and Sachin Tendulkar is no exception. During an event in Kolkata, the legendary cricketer shared his most cherished memories related to the city of joy. Tendulkar marked his memories of playing against South Africa at the venue to be special, while a rare story of a mongoose invading the ground also came up. The Master Blaster also mentioned about the crowd support and remembered his bowling experience in the semi-final of Hero Cup 1993.

[There are] so many memories when it comes to Kolkata. The first big moment for me was when we played South Africa,” said Tendulkar. “South Africa were getting back to international cricket and the kind of reception they got was incredible. Not just inside the stadium, but the moment they landed at the airport and all the way to the hotel. People gathered both sides of the road cheering them, Tendulkar revealed his conversation with Jonty Rhodes and Clive Rice, who called the series a remarkable one. But there was one specific moment that Tendulkar mentioned to be a special one. It wasn t a high-scoring game. Allan Donald came with a fiery spell up front, but we had a partnership going. We ended up winning the game. READ: Sachin Tendulkar asks India to stay active, stay healthy

All in all, the experience was overwhelming for South Africa and so was the case with me. Something which was memorable and completely different was the first day and night match we played here [at Eden Gardens], which was the semi-final of Hero Cup with South Africa, again. I ended up bowling the last two overs. But before that, there was a mongoose which came in the second half of the game and we got wickets. South Africa then got a few runs and when the mongoose came again, we got some wickets. So I was hoping for the mongoose to keep coming. The match got rather close and I ended up bowling the final over.

India went on to win the semi-final by 2 runs.

The maestro also shed some light on the crowd support. That experience to see the entire stadium light torches, which I think happened for the first time, was truly out of this world. Those are the moments which stay with you for the rest of your life. We also jokingly say in the team that, when in Kolkata, pehle do wickets le lo, baki aath wickets crowd le legi (Pick up the first two wickets and the crowd will take care of the rest).