Sachin Tendulkar should reconsider his ODI career: Sourav Ganguly

Former cricketer Sourav Ganguly feels India’s iconic batsman should now call it a day in ODIs Getty Images

By Cricket Country Staff

New Delhi: Feb 22, 2012

Looking at the current scenario in Australia, former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has asked batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar to think about his One-Day International career and decide if he still wants to continue playing.

Tendulkar, who has scored only 90 runs in the CB Series so far, is being constantly scrutinized by many former cricketers, who have advised him to call it a day in ODIs. Along with World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev, Ganguly too, feels that Sachin s time in ODI cricket is now up.

“Sachin has to ask himself whether he is good enough to play one-day cricket day in and day out; whether it’s helping him missing tournaments and playing a one-day series after 8-9 months; whether it’s helping him as a one-day player or if it’s helping Indian cricket as a one-day team.

“If Sachin can’t get an answer to these questions, he has to go,” Ganguly was quoted as saying by Headlines Today.

The former cricketer also felt that Tendulkar s decision to choose ODI tournaments is affecting the team s overall rhythm.

“Because it affects everyone’s form if Tendulkar keeps coming in and going out of one-day tournaments. He needs to ask himself if he can go on like this; if he is fit enough to play ODIs regularly. If he cannot answer these questions, he should go out of one-day cricket and just play in Tests.”

However, Ganguly said that the retirement date should be left to the legend to decide.

“I think Sachin Tendulkar deserves to decide on his own if and when to leave international cricket or one-day cricket.”