Sachin Tendulkar: Thought that I won't be able to represent India made me emotional

Sachin Tendulkar bid an emotional adieu to cricket after the India-West Indies Test series © PTI

Nov 17, 2013

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar on Sunday said he became emotional by the very thought that he will not be able to represent his country anymore after retirement.

Tendulkar said, “It was a very emotional moment. I remember when I was thinking about retirement I wasn’t so emotional. The others in my family became emotional, I became emotional when the players gave me a send off. I went and spoke to the wicket and after that I became emotional. I was sure that I had taken a correct decision. The thought that I will not be there to represent India again made me emotional.”

Tendulkar once again thanked his brother Ajit and coach Ramakant Achrekar for the success and fame he earned as a cricketer.

He said, “I have come all the way till here bacuse of my coach Ramakant Achrekar. My brother Ajit and my coach had a big role in my development. One helped me on the field and one off the field. That is exactly what I had said yestered. My sir never told me ‘well played’ because he didn’t want praise to go into my head.”

He added,  “However, my sir called me up last evening to congratulate me on my Bharat Ratna. It gave me immense satisfaction. When such moments come across in your life and yoiu get to share it with special people, it makes the occassion all the more bigger and better.”