Sachin Tendulkar will continue to serve as a role model to youngsters: Javed Miandad

Sachin Tendulkar;’s final Test match of his career begins on Thursday, November 14 © PTI

Karachi: Nov 13, 2013 

Pakistan‘s former Test captain Javed Miandad feels Indian batting icon Sachin Tendulkar would serve as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers all over the world even after he retires from the game following his 200th Test which starts in Mumbai.

“It is good to see this (the outpouring of tributes) because Tendulkar deserves all this respect and tributes. He has contributed a lot to Indian cricket over the years and his place among the master batsmen of the modern era is guaranteed,” Miandad said.

“I would recommend him as a role model for all young cricketers in all the cricket playing nations.”

However, Miandad felt Tendulkar may not be missed too much by the team as he is leaving the stage at a time when Indian cricket has found some exciting talent to fill the void.

“The nature of the cricket fans in this region is such that if a player tries to prolong his international career they tend to forget him soon after he retires,” Miandad told PTI.

Miandad said he himself had made the mistake of trying to prolong his career and it didn’t end well for him.

“I must admit, unlike others, I feel that Tendulkar should have retired earlier…and he is now going at a time when India has found some very talented batsmen who are now the reigning heroes and idols of the people,” Miandad said.

The former Pakistani batsman saw Tendulkar make his Test debut in Karachi in 1989 and said the teenager had impressed everyone and also fulfilled the vast potential and talent he had.

“There is no use talking about his greatness as a player but I think in the subcontinent, players like us must know when it is the right time to go,” Miandad said. 

Miandad said that in the subcontinent the adulation that the top players get makes it difficult for them to decide when was the right time for them to retire and this had happened with many greats in the past.

“India is lucky they have unearthed a new generation of top batsmen and this is why I don’t think Tendulkar will be missed that much,” he said.

Miandad admitted he had also tried to prolong his career when he should have left.

“So when I did eventually go people didn’t miss me that much…in Tendulkar’s case also there have been calls for his retirement since last year.

“I thought after India won the 2011 World Cup at home he should have announced his retirement it would have been the perfect farewell for Indian cricket fans and for him.”

Miandad said he would like to see legendary players in the subcontinent being honoured the same way Tendulkar is being honoured before his final Test.