Gary Kirsten (left) worked with Sachin Tendulkar as the India coach © AFP (File Photo)


May 1, 2014


Gary Kirsten is now the coach of Delhi Daredevils (DD) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 coach and was the coach of India when they lifted the ICC World Cup 2011, and he admires Sachin Tendulkar on how he has so much respect for the game.


“Three things about Tendulkar impressed me the most. First, is his attention to detail in training and preparation and secondly is his real love for what he does. Third is his respect for the game and understanding of what needs to be done to get the best chance of success,” Kirsten said in an interview with Gulf News.


Tendulkar acknowledged the effort that Kirsten took in helping him keep his game at the top level. When asked about his relationship with the retired legend, Kirsten said, “It was more around the physical benefit and also more around the mental benefits and relationship that was created between two people. He really loved to work hard on his game. The technical and physical aspects of the game have to be that good. If you are not at that level of skill, no one is going to make it. It was all about dealing with the finer details with him.”


Kirsten being a reserved person by nature, very rarely talked about his achievements as a coach. When he was asked about his coaching career, he said, “I have enjoyed my coaching career and I have been a coach for nine years. I have played for 17 years, so enjoyed both experiences. As a coach, it is lovely to be working with young players and trying to get the best out of them.


When asked on what he looks in a player, Kirsten said, “It depends on what level you are looking at because when you are working with the younger players, you are looking at his talent and ball-striking ability. I also look whether he has got flair on the ball. I think when you get to older ages, you are really looking at to see if a guy can make a performance and whether he can string consistent performances together over a period of time.”