Salaam Sachin conclave: My friend's mother cried after watching Tendulkar's innings at Sharjah, recounts Ajit Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar (right) shakes hand with Shane Warne in April 1998 © AFP

By Nishad Pai Vaidya

Mumbai: Nov 12, 2013

Ajit Tendulkar recalled the time when he took his brother Sachin Tendulkar to his coach Ramakant Achrekar for the first time. Sachin’s brother further recounted compliments that were showered over his historic innings at Sharjah in 1998 against Australia.

Ajit said at India Today’s ‘Salaam Sachin’ conclave, “Sachin could hit the ball well as a child and I took him to Achrekar. The first day he did not have the proper clothing, so Achrekar asked him to get the whites. The first day he was made to take a few catches and I was surprised to see him to do well. Once he got the kit, Achrekar sir picked the No 4 spot for him in the line-up.”

Sachin was then moved from New English School to Sharadashram for his cricket. Sachin became a millionaire, Ajit said, “For me he was a millionaire only when he got hundreds. He wasn’t one if he did not score. There was a charm in travelling in auto after he scored runs. But, if he went in a Ferrari after not scoring, it wasn’t all that good. At home, we spoke about his runs and not his money. After all these records, I can say, he is a millionaire forever.”

Ajit also talked about the time Sachin travelled in an auto, “I was in his BMW and there was a lot of luggage. As we drove, he said that there is something wrong in the car and we saw the tyre punctured. We parked the car, but we did not have the security guard with us.

“It was early morning, so there wasn’t enough rush. We couldn’t ask for another car as he had to go to the airport. I called for an auto and taxi and the drivers couldn’t believe when they saw him. We put the luggage and Sachin was in the auto. Once we reached the airport, everyone were surprised to see him in an auto. It was quite funny.”

About Sachin’s innings at Sharjah, Ajit said in India Today’s Conclave, “After his Sharjah innings, my friend called and said, ‘My mother watched the match and cried as Sachin was batting so beautifully.’ That is the best compliment he got from non cricketing circles.”

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