The world of cricket remains divided over the possible ban of saliva/sweat when the sport resumes and while many are failing to wrap their head around the idea, left-arm pacer Jaydev Unadkat feels it won’t make much of a difference in terms of effecting the amount of swing the ball generates.

Australia pacers Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins are certain taking away swing will reduce bowlers’ advantage in Test cricket, but the white-ball, Unadkat reckons, will more or less behave the same.

“I think white ball won’t be a problem as a whole. Even in ODIs, you will be using two new balls 25 overs each. Reverse swing has never been a big factor in white-ball cricket. Even the new ball doesn’t require any sweat or saliva as far as white ball is concerned,” Unadkat told PTI during an interaction.

“White lacquer remains shiny even if you just rub it on your trousers while for red ball, the red lacquer and the red leather demands that we shine it more with saliva and sweat. If we are starting with white-ball contests, we will surely have an advantage as saliva and sweat are as big a factor as it could be in red-ball cricket. If we start closed doors, then probably certain precautions will be mandatory.”

Unadkat is sure to be relief with the forced break caused due to the pandemic. The left-arm seamer is coming off a memorable domestic season that saw him finish the Ranji Trophy season with a stunning tally of 65 wickets. Had it not been for the break, Unadkat would have been currently playing for the IPL, technically without any break following the gruelling season.

“To be honest, the big break evens out a lot of things as far as team selection is concerned. A lot will depend on can carry the form through the break and who can come out sooner. You can’t really judge now as you don’t know how big the break will be. Even if I don’t get match time sooner, if we get practice time sooner, it won’t take much time to get back the rhythm,” he said.