Salman Butt's family accuses media of being unhelpful

Salman Butt was found guilty of spot-fixing by a London Court AFP

Lahore: Nov 2, 2011

The family members of banned former Pakistan captain Salman Butt, who is facing the possibility of a jail term, jumped to his defence, accusing the local media of being “unhelpful” to him.

Butt’s sister snubbed the waiting media outside the banned captain’s home here terming them as being “unhelpful.”

“You should realise that you the media is not being helpful by conducting a media trial of Salman. We know our brother is innocent of all these charges,” she said in a distraught mood.

She insisted that since the spot-fixing scandal broke out last year, the media had been conducting a media trial of her brother instead of being balanced and neutral and this had not helped his case.

Butt’s mother told reporters outside her home that she had no grievances with the verdict of the jury in the London court which found her son guilty of corruption charges.

“What I know is that God is the one who gives Izzat (respect) and Zillat ((disgrace) to everyone. Only he knows the reasons for this. As far as I know my son we have not brought him up in such a way that he should be corrupt. We believe he is innocent,” she said.

She made it clear that the family would defend Butt till the end but as far as his trial and what the conviction would be on Wednesday were concerned they had left it up to God.

“Whatever happens now is God’s will and we are ready to accept anything. But our son is innocent.”(PTI)