Shahid Afridi rubbishes injury reports

Shahid Afridi said he has played for the last 15 to 16 years almost injury free and the day he feels he can’t give 100 per cent performance, he will stop playing AFP

Karachi: Mar, 2012

Shahid Afridi denied that he is carrying a shoulder injury for the past few months and expressed his desire to continue playing in the ODI and T20 formats until the Pakistan all-rounder is able to give 100 per cent to the team.

“The talk about me having fitness problems is rubbish. I have played Pakistan for the last 15 to 16 years almost injury free. The day I feel I can’t give 100 per cent fitness and performance to the team I will stop playing myself,” Afridi, who leaves tomorrow for the United States to attend charity events, said.

The former Pakistan captain, who was Man of the Match in the Asia Cup final last week, insisted that he had outlined his future plans.

“I will only continue playing ODIs until my presence is beneficial for the team. I will quit ODI cricket the moment I feel that I am no more at the peak of my game. After that I will just concentrate on T20 matches,” he said.

The senior player said he had had no shoulder injury or any other fitness problems.

“Every player goes through a lean patch. I went through it and I myself was keen to do well in the (Asia Cup) final and I came through it well and I am very happy with my performance in the final,” he said.

Afridi, 32, was also embroiled in an incident on returning home from Dhaka this week when he assaulted a supposed fan who pushed his daughter to the ground.

Afridi later apologised for his actions and admitted that he should have avoided it but said after seeing his young daughter on the ground, he couldn’t contain his emotions.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has made it clear that since the incident was a personal issue of the all-rounder, it would not involve itself.

Afridi said he was focused on maintaining his fitness and was well aware of the requirements of playing in ODIs and T20 cricket.(PTI)