Shahrukh Khan apologises once again for brawl at Wankhede Stadium

Shahrukh claimed the security guards manhandled children at Wankhede Stadium AFP

Kolkata: May 29, 2012

Bollywood superstar and Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner Shahrukh Khan on Tuesday again apologised for misbehaving with Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials at the Wankhede Stadium.

“My children have told me that ‘Papa, people are going to say good things and bad things, but you can’t react like this’. I know that the audience who had seen me romancing had also not liked the way I had behaved,” said Shah Rukh.

The MCA on Friday slapped a ban for five years on Shahrukh from entering the Wankhede Stadium over his alleged bad behaviour at the stadium. Shahrukh had allegedly misbehaved with security personnel and MCA officials Wednesday night.

Shahrukh claimed the security guards manhandled the children he had brought to the stadium, which provoked him to protest.

“I am sorry that I gave into the weakness of behaving in a private manner on a public platform. So I apologise from my heart, I feel that I should not have behaved like this,” he said.

After KKR had won the IPL final Sunday, Shah Rukh had apologised for his behaviour and had hoped that his fans would forgive him. (IANS)