Shahrukh Khan: IPL team owners finding loopholes in system and misusing it is 'undignified'

Shahrukh Khan believes that IPL team owners should not indulge in betting © IANS

Mumbai: Jun 7, 2013

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) co-owner Shahrukh Khan on Friday said that a team owner should not indulge in betting. His statement came in the wake of the recent controversy after Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra admitted to betting in the Indian Premier League (IPL).
“As a team owner, I don’t appreciate what’s happening. As a proud person and a sports lover, I think if you are on the game, apni film ki ticket black nahin karna chaiye. Hum toh nahi bechenge, kisi aur ko karna hai toh karne de (we should not sell our own movie tickets in black. We won’t sell it, but If somebody else does it, then it is their lookout). I think as a team owner one should not indulge in all these practices even if you are a betting person by nature,” the Bollywood superstar said.
Shahrukh further said that as a team owner, one is aware of the rules and it is undignified to find loopholes in it and misuse it.
“If you’re an owner, you’re aware of all the rules and the loopholes and it’s undignified to misuse them,” Shahrukh was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.
However, the KKR owner extended his support to Kundra and said that the claims of bookies need to be verified.
Talking about Kundra, he said, “He is Shilpa Shetty’s husband and she was one of my first heroines. I am very close to them. Raj is a friend. He doesn’t need it.I’m sure he will fight this battle legally and something will come out of it. These are claims of bookies which need to be verified. I don’t think bookies should be believed the moment they take a name.”

He also said that he never indulges in betting and does not believe in taking illegal money or interest.

“I am not a betting person. I take risks which are real. Not risks which are fixed. Even when sometimes we play with friends during Diwali, which is again a small amount of Rs.100, it’s all done in fun. I don’t take the money, even if I earn from it. I’m Islamic about a few things. I’ve never taken illegal money or interest, or as we call it haram ka paisa. I have never loaned out money as a business. I am very clear about it. Anyone who bets or encourages people to fix matches whether from Bollywood or anywhere else is utterly disgusting! It’s wrong. And I truly believe in that because you are encouraging people to fix matches. When I go to play a match and if I lose and my daughter cries and if that match is fixed, then I want to beat the shit out of it.”

On being asked whether he was ever approached by a bookie, “No. And whatever the enticement may be, I would never indulge in something like this. Betting is a disgusting habit. But I am no one to say that. It’s a Rs. 40,000 crore habit. And they should catch them all and punish them. Having said this, it doesn’t mean I’m judging others.”

Shahrukh further said that sports should remain clean as it teaches a lot of people to deal with adversities.

“Sports is about facing the challenge and rising up to it. I think if they play sports they will be able to deal with the adversities of life. When my team won after four years, it made me believe that you can come back even after losing 20, 30, 40 matches.”

On being asked whether betting in sports should be legalised, Shahrukh said, “A lot of things can be legalised in India but I think betting is something that has never been pertinent. I think we should somehow control the parallel economy. I mean black money and cash. It could be a choice exercised which eventually could do away with the illegal part of betting and the country can earn a lot through tax.”
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