Shakib Al Hasan now has 5-fors against all Test-playing teams    Getty Images
Shakib Al Hasan has 5-fors against all Test-playing teams Getty Images

Ahead of Bangladesh s tour to South Africa, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) have accepted Shakib Al Hasan s request for a leave. It was last week that Shakib, in a letter, requested the board to grant him leave, reasoning fatigue and workload as the main cause. Bangladesh is due to take on South Africa in a 2-Test series.

BCB stated that Shakib will miss the first Test, but if he wants to, he can play the second Test. Shakib has asked for a six-month leave, but given Sri Lanka s tour of Bangladesh, BCB denied a longer rest period.

According to a report published in ESPNcricinfo, BCB cricket operations chairman Akram Khan said, “Shakib wrote a letter to us asking for a six-month break. He can miss the first Test against South Africa but if he wants, he can play the second Test. He will not be travelling with the team but he can tell us what he decides to do.”

Akram further pointed out, “We can’t always be thinking about us,” Akram said. “We should also keep his fatigue into consideration.”

So far in his illustrious career, Shakib has missed only 7 Tests and played 51. He missed two Tests due to an injury in 2013 and two more due to suspension. Remaining four were all before he became a regular member of the side.