Shane Warne is in nes for yet another raunchy affair © Getty Images
Shane Warne is in news for yet another raunchy affair © Getty Images (file photo)

The legendary leg spinner Shane Warne continues to be popular for all the wrong reasons off the pitch. He is reported to have a raunchy affair with model Simone Toon Elizabeth and continued to share pictures of his privates with her. Simone Toon was left in shock when Warnie showed his intentions to whip, spank and pour hot wax on her. She claimed that Shane was literally begging her for a dirty threesome with a hooker and he didn’t just stop there, asking her to engage in Dominatrix-style whipping. He dropped dozens of perverted messages for her emphasizing that he wants to hurt and devour her.

Simone said that after their raunchy affair Warne restlessly called her to talk dirty over phone and simultaneously sent snaps of himself lying in bed naked. She also that his room had mirrors on ceiling allowing him to send dirty snaps. The model also claims that they ran into each other on the website Seeking Arrangements known to match rich “sugar daddies” with younger women looking to have fun. Warne didn’t take much time to invite her to his house near Lord’s Cricket Ground, North London drinking wine with her and taking her upstairs.

Simone told The Sun,  “He couldn’t keep his hands off me. I barely had a foot in the door before he was trying to pounce on me. I kept him at bay for about ten minutes but then gave up. He was all over me and stripped me naked. It didn’t feel like he was twice my age. I like older men but had never had a 46-year-old. I couldn’t believe Shane Warne was touting for sex on this website. It was shocking. He was under the fake name ‘Brad23’ — his squad number during his playing career — but used his real photo.”

Shane Warne took up desperate measures, sending a pile of whatsapp messages and close-ups of his genitals. One of his message reads  “Have you got a high pain threshold? Does that turn you on? You like me dominant?” Simone had an impression that the might be moving forward from just a raunchy affair as he discussed his business plans and plans to buy a house with her. But the glass broke early as she said.  “Shane used me for sex and that was it. I feel I’ve been let down badly.” According to former spinner Shane Warne’s Seeking Arrangement’s profile, his net worth is $56 million Australian dollars. His profile further states that,  “I lead a very interesting lifestyle and looking for someone to join me for some fun times.”. Although this controversy is spreading like a wildfire, his agent was unavailable for comments.