Shane Warne is taking time off from RR duties    AFP
Shane Warne is taking time off from RR duties AFP

With Cricket Australia (CA) recovering from ball tampering scandal, Shane Warne has lashed out hard at the organisation. CA has announced plans to expand number of matches in the 2018-19 Big Bash League (BBL) from 43 to 59. It was earlier stretched from 35 to 43 in the last BBL season.

Next season of BBL will follow Indian Premier League (IPL) format featuring home and away matches. Warne, who is on a break from Rajasthan Royals’ mentor-ship duties expressed his views on Twitter. He said: “Australian Cricket should be an equal partnership between the players & the board, then everyone would be on the same page, sure they won t always agree – but if both parties attitude is – what s best for Australian Cricket & not themselves – then Cricket & the fans would b happy.”

He further added: “Ps And hopefully greed would then be thrown out the door too ! For example – it’s ridiculous that the BBL will have a lot more games next season & beyond – It’s a great comp & less is more should be the attitude – not let’s put more games on for $$ – diluting a wonderful product.”

Warne also apologised to RR fans for the sides’ poor show so far in IPL.