Shashank Manohar broke his silence regarding the reasons behind resigning © Getty Images
Shashank Manohar broke his silence regarding the reasons behind resigning © Getty Images

After resigning as the President of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and joining as International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman, Shashank Manohar has now broken the silence and come out with the reasons behind his resignation. While speculations were on that Manohar stepped down as BCCI head just to contest for and win the ICC top-gun post, the administrator has revealed that there is more behind the action and that is the Lodha Committee recommendations that clashed with his plans and policies. Manohar put his papers in early May and was declared the ICC Chairman via an uncontested selection later on. READ: Analysing Anurag Thakur’s future course as BCCI President

As reported by Times of India, Manohar revealed, “75% of the Lodha committee recommendations regarding the functioning of the board are very good and most of them have already been implemented. However, I have my own reservations with regard to a few recommendations, which according to me are not in the interests of this board.”

Lodha committee (LC) had recommended that there must be no advertisements between overs. Manohar pointed out, “The board generates this revenue through advertisements. Today . the broadcaster pays about 43 crore per game ­ ODI, T20I or a Test match. “The board’s revenue will come down drastically to about 15% of what it is getting today , because then only be the home (DTH) connections would fetch money for the broadcaster. There is an expenditure the broadcaster incurs on up-linking, down-linking and distributing the signals. If the financial structure collapses, the board will go back to the 80s when there was no money.”

LC had also questioned on why there are not many members from North-East in BCCI. Manohar said, “Even in the Supreme Court, where judges are appointed from various states, records will show there are more judges from Mumbai and Kolkata while there might not be any judge from the NorthEastern states. So when you talk about effective representation it has to apply to everything.”

LC had demanded demolition of many BCCI members. About that, he said, “Then, there are members like Maharasthra, Vidarbha, Baroda, Saurashtra, Railways, Services, Universities, NCC and CCI, which have been told to be removed as BCCI members by the Lodha Committee. Many of these are founder members (of BCCI) since 1932. The States Re-organisation Act came into force in 1956. So these members were the regions which came together and formed this board.These are not correct recommendations.”

LC recommended, there must be two Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises in the IPL governing council. “There are decisions taken relating to franchises in the IPL governing council. Now suppose I have an interest in a particular matter, I should not be the judge for my own cause. That is the basic rule of law,” Manohar said.

“Nowhere in the world do players sit on board of directors. It is also wrong to tell the board that you find another association which would be created by players. Even with FICA (international cricketers association), that is an association formed by the players themselves, they share their revenue, they share their prize money , they pay their subscriptions and that is how it runs. FICA is consulted by five boards where it exists but FICA doesn’t sit on the management board. They are consulted on cricketing matters,” he said about LC’s recommendations on having a nine-member apex council including players.