SLCB warns players of 'faith healers'

Opening batsman Upul Tharanga was suspended for three months after testing positive for banned substance during the World Cup. Later it was revealed he consumed steroid given by a ‘faith healer’ Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Colombo: Aug 31, 2011

Sri Lankan Cricket Board has issued a warning to its players that they should be careful while consulting ‘faith healers’. This warning follows suspension of opening batsman Upul Tharanga who consumed drugs on recommendation of a ‘faith healer’.

Steve Mount, team’s new physiotherapist said that awareness has been created amongst players now on the potentials threats of consuming banned drugs.

Tharanga had earlier admitted of consuming banned drug during the ICC World Cup 2011, and was suspended by the ICC for three months. He later claimed that he had consumed the steroid in a herbal remedy given to him by a faith healer.

‘”If they’re going to see someone else, they really should run it by me,” Mount told the Herald. “I think traditionally they’ve seen a few of those doctors around, speaking to the last physio who was here,” Mount said.

“But with Upul Tharanga and the drug controversy that happened with him, I don’t think it’s going to be quite as popular to go off to those guys now,” added the physiotherapist.

Mount said he would like the players to consult him first as a precaution in case they are willing to approach such orthodox methods for treating injuries.

“As long as they are open with me and I know exactly what they are doing, it’s OK. Anything they take they should be run by me, and then I can check it,” he added.