Sourav Ganguly (Above) was the Joint Secretary when Jagmohan Dalmiya was CAB President. Photo Courtesy: Devarchit Varma
Sourav Ganguly (Above) was the Joint Secretary when Jagmohan Dalmiya was CAB President. Photo Courtesy: Devarchit Varma

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee clarified that it was not her, who appointed Sourav Ganguly as the new Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) president but it was the members of the board who did and she was standing by their side as their  one of their colleagues. “It’s not fair for me to interfere. I just want them to do well, I’m there with them like a deputy or colleague. It’s what they have decided together,” Banerjee said. “I should not be announcing this but since all of them are requesting I feel that someone [Sourav Ganguly] who led India for so many years should now take charge of the role and they should form the set up with Abhishek, Subir, Biswarup and all other senior members,” she said. READ: Sourav Ganguly appointed CAB President by Mamata Banerjee

Mamata also said that it was important that someone close to Jagmohan Dalmiya was the next chief of CAB and requested the members of the board to stay together at this time. “We are going through a big crisis after his (Dalmiya) unfortunate death. Someone has to head CAB. Dalmiya loved cricket so much. So it’s important that the people close to him (should run the show)… cricket family is most important. My only request to all of you is that to be together, remain united and take the Jaguda’s legacy forward,” Mamata said.

New president of CAB Ganguly said,  “Anything in life is a new challenge. I am particularly happy that Abhishek is coming into administration as it is a very emotional time for him. Myself, Biswarup, Subir would all work together and there won’t be any problems. We have 121 members and we will decide the way forward.” READ: Poll: Is appointing Sourav Ganguly as CAB President the right choice?

Mamata also clarified that Ganguly will be the President of CAB till the elections in July 2016. “After Jaguda’s death, CAB is without a head now and they have decided that Sourav will become the president and in his place Abhishek will become the joint secretary till the next elections in July”.

Abhishek Dalmiya, who was appointed the Join Secretary following Ganguly’s elevation said,” She [ Mamata] has been very supportive whenever there’s been any crisis in cricket in Bengal. My dad also had found her always by his side when he faced a problem. She has asked that the Bengal cricket fraternity should be together for betterment of the sport in this state. We communicated to her whatever we had in our minds and she has been very supportive.” READ: Jagmohan Dalmiya’s son Avishek appointed CAB joint secretary as Sourav Ganguly named President