Live Updates

  • 1:04 AM IST

    Adil Rashid is the new man in. England need 3 runs off 1 delivery.

  • 1:03 AM IST

    19.5 Lungi Ngidi to Moeen Ali, out, OUT! Whoa!

  • 1:02 AM IST

    19.4 Lungi Ngidi to Moeen Ali, 2 runs, SAFE! Inside edge! Ngidi angles in a slower delivery around off, it’s on a length and Ali shuffles across to flick. It seems to have struck him on the pads and deflects in front of square leg. They take a couple. South Africa review but as mentioned earlier, there was some bat involved.

  • 1:01 AM IST

    DRS time! It’s all happening out there. Ngidi has appealed for an lbw. Not given. Quinton de Kock opts for the referral.

  • 1:00 AM IST

    19.3 Lungi Ngidi to Moeen Ali, no run, Swing and a miss! On a length outside off, slower in pace, Moeen is early into the swing of his bat and misses.

  • 1:00 AM IST

    Chris Jordan is the new man in but Moeen Ali will be on strike.

  • 12:59 AM IST

    19.2 Lungi Ngidi to Tom Curran, out, OUT! Another one bites the dust! This match is going right down to the wire, folks! Ngidi deceives the batsman with a slower delivery this time. On a length around middle, Curran mistimes his shot aerially towards deep mid-wicket and Miller takes the skier safely. Morgan is having a tensed look near the boundary line.

  • 12:58 AM IST

    19.1 Lungi Ngidi to Tom Curran, 2 runs, Slower full ball on middle and leg, Curran brings his bottom hand into play and whips it through square leg for a brace. 5 needed off 5!

  • 12:57 AM IST

    Tom Curran is the new man in. England need 7 from the 6 deliveries. Lungi Ngidi to bowl the final over.

  • 12:56 AM IST

    18.6 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, out, OUT! It’s a legal delivery. Anti-climatic! Morgan tries to finish it in a flourish but holes out. Is there a twist in the tale? Hendricks angles in a full ball on middle, Morgan tries to smoke his slog sweep over wide long on but fails to get enough meat behind the shot. Bavuma makes no mistake in the deep. The umpire goes upstairs to check for the front foot no ball. Beuran is JUST fine.

  • 12:55 AM IST

    Morgan holes out! But the umpire wants to check the front foot. The replays show that it’s touch and go. Too close to say. The third umpire also checks the back leg but it never cut the side crease.

  • 12:53 AM IST

    18.5 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, SIX, SIX! This is absolutely incredible from Eoin Morgan! 14 off the last three balls and the equation is now 7 off 7! Hendricks delivers it full and outside off, Morgan makes room and pumps it all the way over covers for a maximum.

  • 12:52 AM IST

    18.4 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, FOUR! Shot! Oh, wow! That’s a beauty! Right what the doctor ordered for England. Hendricks over-corrects his length and bowls it full around off, Morgan rifles his drive through extra cover.

  • 12:52 AM IST

    18.3 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, FOUR! Vital boundary! Hendricks goes for a slower short ball again, it’s around middle and leg, Morgan stands tall and pulls it thunderously behind square leg.

  • 12:51 AM IST

    18.2 Beuran Hendricks to Moeen Ali, 1 run, Another single down to long on. The pressure is on with the RRR climbing up a bit more.

  • 12:51 AM IST

    18.1 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, 1 run, Too full in length on middle and leg, Morgan jumps back and forces it down to long on for a single. 22 needed off 11 balls!

  • 12:50 AM IST

    17.6 Lungi Ngidi to Moeen Ali, 2 runs, Good shot! Full in length and outside off, Moeen hangs back and strokes it through the line. The sweeper cover fielder moves across to his right to collect the ball and the batsmen take a couple. 5 from the over, a very good one by Ngidi.

  • 12:49 AM IST

    17.5 Lungi Ngidi to Eoin Morgan, 1 run, Picks out the point fielder. Slower short ball outside off, Morgan delays and cuts but fails to beat the fielder. A single is taken.

  • 12:48 AM IST

    Moeen Ali is the new man in.

  • 12:48 AM IST

    17.4 Lungi Ngidi to Ben Stokes, out, OUT! Stokes holes out! The crowd is in action, they are loving it. They can sense something here. Ngidi bowls a clever off cutter outside off, on a length at 115 kph, Stokes tries to slog sweep but finds David Miller at deep mid-wicket. Ben flops with the bat! 26 needed off 14 balls and this match is heading for a close finish.

  • 12:47 AM IST

    17.3 Lungi Ngidi to Eoin Morgan, 1 run, Slower delivery, on a length outside off, Morgan moves across and drags it off the inner half. It rolls to the right of short fine leg for a single.

  • 12:47 AM IST

    17.2 Lungi Ngidi to Ben Stokes, 1 run, A touch short in length close to off, Stokes plays a reverse-batted shot towards short third man for a single.

  • 12:46 AM IST

    17.1 Lungi Ngidi to Ben Stokes, no run, Beaten completely! Ngidi angles a length ball away from the batsman, Stokes winds up for a big shot down the ground but misses. Lungi turns to appeal for a caught behind but he is the only one doing so.

  • 12:45 AM IST

    Lungi Ngidi is back on. 2-0-20-0 so far from him.

  • 12:44 AM IST

    16.6 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, FOUR! Morgan doesn’t miss out! Hendricks lets out a direction-less short ball, angling down the leg side, Morgan pulls it wide of short fine leg and fetches a boundary. 28 needed off 18 balls.

  • 12:44 AM IST

    16.5 Beuran Hendricks to Ben Stokes, 1 run, Lucky for the bowler! Shortish and around leg, Stokes pulls it straight towards short fine leg where the fielder makes a tumbling stop. Either side of him and it would have been a boundary.

  • 12:43 AM IST

    16.4 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, 1 run, A length ball outside off, it’s lofted over mid off for one.

  • 12:42 AM IST

    16.3 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, no run, A well-directed shorter one by Beuran. Morgan tries his best to put bat on ball but fails.

  • 12:42 AM IST

    16.2 Beuran Hendricks to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, FOUR! Bang! That’s flat-batted over the bowler’s head. Hendricks serves a back of the hand slower one, short and wide outside off, Morgan waits and waits and waits before launching it down the ground for a boundary.

  • 12:41 AM IST

    16.1 Beuran Hendricks to Ben Stokes, 1 run, A length ball angling into the batsman, Stokes works it through mid-wicket for a run.

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