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  • 2:00 PM IST

    The South Africans walk out to the middle and they will be hoping that it is not for a long time as they have to take just one wicket. Out come the overnight batters too, Ollie Pope and James Anderson. Kagiso Rabada will start off the proceedings with James Anderson on strike. Here we go!

  • 1:35 PM IST

    South Africa should’ve been coming out to bat now but Rabada overstepped late in the day and well, Pope and Anderson then added 28 unbeaten runs to take England towards a decent first innings total. 262 on the board with 1 wicket in hand. How many more can England add to this total? Can they get around the 300-run mark? Big mental advantage, you know. The hosts will be eager to get rid of the final wicket to bundle out England before the total gets even bigger. We will soon find out how things pan out on Day 2. Welcome to our coverage for the same.

  • 1:35 PM IST

    … Day 2, Session 1 …

  • 9:41 PM IST

    Right! 9 wickets fall on Day 1 then. Should have been 10 but Rabada overstepped. What will Day 2 hold in store? Do England have enough? Mind you, they are not done yet. Can they get to 300? Can Pope play a blinder and reach his century? Can Anderson rekindle his 2009 Cardiff memories from the Ashes and hang around? Ufff… too many questions. Take a break. Sleep over those. Think over those. Or rather, do neither. Just ignore the questions and come back on Saturday, 4th January, 2020 at 10.30 am local (0830 GMT) for all the action from Day 2. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

  • 9:39 PM IST

    South Africa’s bowling coach Charles Langeveldt need not be too unhappy either. He will be worried about that poor last 30 minutes but on the whole, it was a decent outing for his bowlers. Everyone bowled well but Anrich Nortje and Dwaine Pretorius were the most impressive. The question always asked is not what can your strike bowlers do. But what can your backup guys after the strike bowlers do. Nortje and Pretorius did not disappoint. They sustained the pressure built up by the opening bowlers and that resulted in the eventual fall of wickets.

  • 9:37 PM IST

    It is very difficult to bat with a partner of lesser ability than yours and Pope learnt that here. But he kept his cool and just hung in there. He managed to farm the strike with James Anderson and has added 28 crucial runs so far, getting his half century also in the process. Who knows how vital they might turn out to be?

  • 9:36 PM IST

    A day of starts for England. Apart from Zak Crawley, every dismissed batsman in the top 7 got in but then got out. They stuck in there, saw off difficult periods but just when it was time to reap benefits of that hard work, they threw it away. The period before the second new ball then decelerated their progress rapidly. Buttler fell in the 75th over and the visitors lost 4/13 in the span of 43 balls. But then, they were saved by the Pope. Well, jokes apart, not THE Pope, but Ollie Pope.

  • 9:33 PM IST

    Exclude that last manic half an hour and it has been a wonderful day for South Africa. You lose the toss and have the opposition 9 down for a shade over 250, of course you will be happy. But looking at the inconsistent bounce in the pitch, wonder if England would not be too unhappy?

  • 9:32 PM IST

    88.6 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, Another bouncer, down the leg side again, ducked under again. OVER AND TIME, says Paul Reiffel. STUMPS ON DAY 1!

  • 9:32 PM IST

    88.5 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, A bouncer, down the leg side, ducked under.

  • 9:31 PM IST

    88.4 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, Short and outside off, cut straight to deep point.

  • 9:30 PM IST

    88.3 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.

  • 9:30 PM IST

    88.2 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, Landed outside off, played straight to point.

  • 9:30 PM IST

    88.1 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, Short and outside off, cut through point but does not take the single.

  • 9:28 PM IST

    87.6 Kagiso Rabada to James Anderson, no run, Around middle and leg again, worked towards square leg again. An eventful over, should have been the last of the day and the innings but KG… gone to junior KG.

  • 9:28 PM IST

    87.5 Kagiso Rabada to James Anderson, no run, Around middle and leg, tucked towards square leg.

  • 9:27 PM IST

    87.5 Kagiso Rabada to Ollie Pope, no ball, no run, CAUGHT OFF A NO BALL! This is really poor from Rabada. First, he does not bowl to the field and second, he has overstepped now. A short ball again, at the body, Pope comes down the track and looks to swat this out of the park. But he is cramped for room and gets a top edge. The ball swirls in the air towards fine leg where Vernon Philander comes running in, does really well to focus on the ball and takes a very good catch. The players are ready to head off the field but umpire Dharmasena wants to check for the overstepping. And yes, replays confirm that Rabada has overstepped. Now, the umpire wants to check whether the batsmen had crossed when the catch was being taken. Yup, the batsmen had crossed, as per the replays. So Anderson will face the remaining two balls of this over.

  • 9:24 PM IST

    CAUGHT! But has Rabada overstepped? Dear me, he has! Schoolboy stuff. The umpires are checking whether the batsmen crossed when the catch was being taken. Yup. Jimmy on strike now.

  • 9:23 PM IST

    A fly slip comes in place again.

  • 9:22 PM IST

    87.4 Kagiso Rabada to Ollie Pope, FOUR, FOUR! There he goes again! What is more interesting is, Faf’s reaction. He throws his arms in the air, as if to ask his bowler – ‘Why did you bowl that?’ Because just before this ball, the captain removed that man from fly slip and got him to second slip. So short ball was definitely not the plan. But Rabada, like a bad student, does not pay heed to his captain’s instructions. Bowls it short and Pope ramps it over the keeper, to the third man fence.

  • 9:22 PM IST

    87.3 Kagiso Rabada to Ollie Pope, no run, Landed outside off, dabbed to third man. No single taken.

  • 9:22 PM IST

    Just an FYI – around 10 minutes left for Stumps. Even if England get bowled out now, South Africa WILL NOT bat tonight.

  • 9:22 PM IST

    87.2 Kagiso Rabada to Ollie Pope, no run, Full and around off, watchfully defended.

  • 9:20 PM IST

    87.1 Kagiso Rabada to Ollie Pope, no run, That stays low. On a length outside off, Pope stays inside the line and pushes hard but the ball shoots low and beats the inside edge. Lands short of the keeper.

  • 9:19 PM IST

    86.6 Anrich Nortje to James Anderson, no run, OOOHH… ALMOST! Full and around middle, Anderson looks to flick and it nearly goes straight to short leg! Lands just short.

  • 9:18 PM IST

    86.5 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, 3 runs, HALF CENTURY FOR OLLIE POPE! Just his second in Tests but it has been his best innings so far in this format. Because it has been under immense pressure. A short ball outside off, Pope pulls it uppishly, through the massive vacant areas at mid-wicket. Dean Elgar gives it a good chase from deep square leg and puts in a slide to stop the ball. Three runs taken.

  • 9:17 PM IST

    The field comes up now. So do the two batsmen, towards each other, for a brief chat. Mind games. Everyone is ready but at the last moment, Nortje goes towards mid off for some strategy discussion.

  • 9:17 PM IST

    86.4 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, A bouncer on off, Ollie ducks and sways at the same time, in time.

  • 9:16 PM IST

    86.3 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, Outside off, flashed through point. No single taken again.

  • 9:15 PM IST

    86.2 Anrich Nortje to Ollie Pope, no run, A length ball outside off, coming in with the angle, Pope looks to tap and run but then changes his mind.

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