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  • 1:59 PM IST

    We are all set to begin Day 3. Vernon Philander and the new batsman, Anrich Nortje make their way out to the middle. They are still 54 runs behind. Can they take the lead? We will soon find out. The England players are also out in the middle. James Anderson will finish his over.

  • 1:41 PM IST

    South Africa ended Day 2 on a bad note. They lost 4 wickets for 24 runs in the latter stages of the day and have Vernon Philander as the only batsman who can grind out some runs for them. They still trail by 54 runs and Philander would be hoping that the two remaining batters support him out in the middle and get the team as close to England’s score. The visitors, on the other hand, would want to get the two remaining wickets as soon as possible and then swell their lead to give the home team a tough target. However, on Day 2 itself we could see some dust coming off the surface and that would be exciting for Keshav Maharaj. Both sides’ batting has been average and when England come to bat, it will surely not be easy on this wicket. Stay tuned for all the action as a crucial day for both these sides lie ahead!

  • 1:41 PM IST

    … Day 3, Session 1 …

  • 9:36 PM IST

    England had 1 wicket left entering into Day 2 but a set batsman as well in Ollie Pope. South Africa have 2 wickets left going into Day 3 but it is going to be Vernon Philander who has to control the batting on Sunday. Rabada and Nortje are no pushovers but they need to bat sensibly. Join us back on January 5, 2020 at 10.30 am local (0830 GMT) for all the action. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

  • 9:34 PM IST

    54 is the drift between England and South Africa at the moment. On this pitch, it looks a bit too much for the Proteas. They need to try and get as close as possible to the visitors’ total and make this a one-inning shootout. Don’t forget, the hosts are going to be batting last on this pitch. Would not want to chase anything above 150.

  • 9:33 PM IST

    Now, to England’s bowling. Cannot really criticize the bowlers. They bowled their hearts out. But Joe Root’s captaincy was questionable. He just allowed the game to drift away in the second session, allowing easy singles. Then, he changed tactics in the third, stopping the runs, which eventually resulted in the flow of wickets. Anderson got 3 but the pick of the day was Stuart Broad who was relentless. Sam Curran showed the value of cutters in this format as well, getting rid of the dangerous de Kock and van der Dussen.

  • 9:31 PM IST

    A reminder of the opening session, where England did not make too many runs this morning but managed to get three Protea wickets which also included that of the skipper Faf. The Saffas were in trouble at 40/3 but then Elgar, van der Dussen, Stuart Broad and Ben Stokes bailed them out. The first two forged a nice partnership, while Broad got Rassie’s wicket but overstepped. Stokes, on the other hand, missed a catch of van der Dussen as well.

  • 9:29 PM IST

    It was the third session on Day 1 which rocked England. It was the third session again on Day 2 which rocked the Proteas. It started with Dean Elgar, throwing his wicket out of nowhere, just like Ben Stokes did last evening. Quinton de Kock tried to play a quickfire knock, just like he did in the previous Test but he lived by the sword and died by it. He added 20 in just 26 balls but his wicket opened the floodgates. South Africa slipped from 191/5 to 215/8 in 63 balls. Advantage England.

  • 9:27 PM IST

    What an action-packed day. Does anyone even remember what happened in the second session? People were yawning, shoulders were drooping, defensive fields were set and Elgar was batting. Normally, when he bats, he causes a lot of frustration to the fielding side. Because it appears as if he is being beaten but he never gets out. That second session saw 81 runs being scored without a wicket lost. At Tea, South Africa, 3 down and just 128 behind, yes, JUST 128 behind, were looking in full control to have this deficit down to 30-40 odd by Stumps. But well, this thought just jinxed them.

  • 9:22 PM IST

    Whoa! What happened? What is it in that last 15 overs in the day? Day 1 saw 4 wickets fall for 13 runs in 43 balls. Day 2 sees 3 wickets fall for 15 runs in 53 balls. Dim light? Anxiety of finishing the day safely? No idea. It has hurt both teams but it is England who find themselves on top now.

  • 9:20 PM IST

    84.4 James Anderson to Keshav Maharaj, out, OUT! CAUGHT! A wicket to end the day! That is a terrific ball. It ends a brilliant session for England. On a length on off, nipping in, Maharaj looks to flick but it goes off the inside edge onto the pads. It then lobs off to third slip where Sibley takes the catch running forward. Anderson first appeals for LBW but then sees Dominic Sibley taking the catch. He appeals again and Kumar Dharmasena, the on-field umpire gives it out signaling that it has hit the inside edge. STUMPS ON DAY 2, SA TRAIL BY 54!

  • 9:18 PM IST

    84.3 James Anderson to Vernon Philander, 1 run, Good length ball on middle and leg, Philander works it to square leg and crosses over for a single.

  • 9:18 PM IST

    84.2 James Anderson to Vernon Philander, no run, Outside off, left alone by Philander. 4 more balls for him to survive the day.

  • 9:17 PM IST

    84.1 James Anderson to Vernon Philander, no run, Full delivery on middle, Philander defends it out off the front foot.

  • 9:16 PM IST

    83.6 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, Good length ball on off, Keshav pushes it to the cover fielder.

  • 9:16 PM IST

    83.5 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, Good length ball on off, Maharaj defends it to cover.

  • 9:15 PM IST

    83.4 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, Full delivery on off, Maharaj drives it to mid off.

  • 9:14 PM IST

    83.3 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, BEATEN! That is a snorker of a delivery! Short of a length outside off, Maharaj plays it well as he drops his wrists at the last moment and sways away from it.

  • 9:14 PM IST

    83.2 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, Fullish on off, Keshav taps it to point for nothing.

  • 9:13 PM IST

    83.1 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, Good length ball on middle, Maharaj defends it back to the bowler.

  • 9:12 PM IST

    82.6 James Anderson to Vernon Philander, no run, Well left in the end. Full delivery outside off, this one coming in. Vernon makes a good leave to that one.

  • 9:11 PM IST

    82.5 James Anderson to Keshav Maharaj, 1 run, Good length on middle and leg, Maharaj works it to backward square leg and takes a single.

  • 9:10 PM IST

    82.4 James Anderson to Vernon Philander, 3 runs, Shot! Full delivery outside off, Vernon drives it through covers and picks up three before the fielder can come across and collect it before it reaches the ropes.

  • 9:10 PM IST

    82.3 James Anderson to Vernon Philander, no run, On middle, flicked to mid-wicket.

  • 9:10 PM IST

    82.2 James Anderson to Vernon Philander, no run,On a length on off, Vernon defends it to cover.

  • 9:10 PM IST

    82.1 James Anderson to Vernon Philander, no run, BEATEN! The new ball is doing all sorts of things out there in the middle. Beautiful bowling from Anderson. Full delivery around off swinging away. Philander looks to defend it off the front foot but misses it altogether due to the swing on it.

  • 9:07 PM IST

    81.6 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, On off, defended out by Maharaj.

  • 9:07 PM IST

    81.5 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, Short of a length outside off, Maharaj looks to play it at first but then decides to leave it alone.

  • 9:07 PM IST

    81.4 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, 2 runs, Well played from Maharaj! Fuller one outside off, Maharaj leans forward and drives it through covers. Joe Denly hares after it and makes a sliding stop. The umpires check whether it is a clean save and the replays show that it is. Average running though. Maharaj wants the third but Philander drops his gloves at the bowler’s end. So only two in the end.

  • 9:07 PM IST

    81.3 Stuart Broad to Keshav Maharaj, no run, BEATEN! Maharaj does not need to play at that! This is poor batting. Full delivery outside off, nipping away. Keshav goes on his front foot in an attempt to drive but misses it altogether.

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