Sreesanth's mother defends his role in spot-fixing

Sreesanth’s mother said that her son is not a person who runs after money © IANS

Thiruvananthapuram: May 16, 2013

Rajasthan Royals’ cricketer S Sreesanth‘s mother Savithridevi, who was left shocked by the arrest of her son on spot-fixing charges, said “my son will never betray cricket”.

“I am hundred per cent sure that he will not do anything wrong. His innocence would be proved,” said Savithridevi.

She said she did not want to blame anybody until the details of the plot were out.

“Now I just want to say that my son is not a person who runs after money. This is very clear since he has turned down many offers from the film world as he is totally devoted to cricket, which is his life. He will never betray cricket.”

Earlier, Sreesanth’s father Santhakumaran Nair had allegedly told a television channel that his son was trapped by Indian captain MS Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh due to some personal grudge.

Sreesanth’s brother-in-law Madhu Balakrishnan said that the pacer would never indulge in such an act and it was totally false.

“He will be the last person to do such a thing,” he said.

Savithridevi said the entire family will support Sreesanth. “We are all totally convinced that he is innocent. God knows everything and my son will come out clean,” she said. She also said her family members would be leaving for Delhi to help Sreesanth during the case.

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