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Aug 26, 2014

Catch Live scorecard of Sri Lanka (SL) vs Pakistan (PAK) 2nd ODI here

(Hosts look to stay alive in series after narrow loss in the first encounter. Catch live cricket scores and live updates of the match here.)


Pakistan 233  | Overs 43.5 | ,   Mohammad Irfan 1(5)

Thats the end of it. Junaid Khan is cleaned up by the tail-ender specialist Malinga and Sri Lanka have bounced back in style after their earlier loss and the capacity crowd in Hamantota are dancing in the isles. Its over to the series decider now.

OUT! Junaid Khan b Malinga 1(3),


Pakistan 231/9  | Overs 42 | ,  Junaid Khan 0(0), Mohammad Irfan 0(3)

Its Thisara Perera again. Wahab Riaz trying to flex his muscles there and ends up skying the ball miles in the air. Rangana Herath at third man comes running in, lunges forward and takes a good catch under the lights to send another one down. Fawad Alam too perishes off the next ball trying to clear the infield. It is a simple catch for Angelo Mathews at cover. The gargantuan Mohammad Irfan evades the hat-trick ball and the other two deliveries.

OUT! Wahab Riaz c Herath b T Perera 5(6), F Alam c Mathews b T Perera 30(40)


Pakistan 225/7  | Overs 41 | ,  Fawad Alam 28(36), Wahab Riaz 1(1)

Oh dear! that could be curtains for Pakistan. Thisara Perera bowls a slightly wide-ish delivery. Afridi shuffles and then moves to the off side and whacks it on the off side and Kulasekera at cover takes a safe catch. Thats the end of the Afridi show and probably Pakistan’s hopes

OUT! Shahid Afridi c Kulasekera b T Perera 17(10)


Pakistan 222/6  | Overs 40 | ,  Fawad Alam 26(33), Shahid Afridi 13(7)

Here I go praising Rangana Herath again. In such mounting pressure, he puts Alam on the backfoot and only one run comes of the first five balls. Then we are privileged to witness one of the rare sight in the world of cricket — an Afridi forward defense.


Pakistan 221/6  | Overs 39 | ,  Fawad Alam 25(28), Shahid Afridi 13(6)

Shahid Afridi is not taking any half-measures here. Lasith Malinga errs in length twice in a row and Afridi smashes them to the leg side for back to back boundaries. Afridi creams another four through the packed off-side field of the last ball and that makes proceedings interesting here.


Pakistan 205/6  | Overs 38 | ,  Fawad Alam 24(26), Shahid Afridi 2(2)

Sohaib Maqsood is on the charge and wallops Rangana Herath steps down and smacks it over long on for a six. The next ball is pitched around leg stump and raps Maqsood on his pads. The umpire turns the appeal down. It looked a fair call as the batsman was down the track and the ball looked like it was missing leg. The review is taken by Sri Lanka and replays show that the ball was indeed hitting the stumps as the ball straightened.


OUT! Sohaib Maqsood lbw b Hearth 9(6)


Pakistan 193/5  | Overs 36 | ,  Fawad Alam 22(22), Sohaib Maqsood 1(1)

Rangana Herath is into the attack and a poor delivery is dispatched in style by Misbah. Then its Herath time. The left-arm spinner never does something extraordinary. He entices the batsman, teases him, beats him and scalps his man. That pattern was exactly what was followed with Misbah here and the Paksitani skipper’s sweep is straight to Kulasekera.


OUT! Misbah-ul-Haq c  Kulasekera b Herath 36(51),


Pakistan 188/4  | Overs 35 | , Misbah-ul-Haq 32(46), Fawad Alam 22(22)

Substitute fielder Suraj Randiv almost made a roaring comeback to international cricket with a brilliant catch but the ball didn’t stick. Its the drinks break now and these two batsmen have steadied Pakistan somewhat. The powerplay is taken and the next five overs will decide the course of the game. Alam is growing in confidence.


Pakistan 171/4  | Overs 33 | , Misbah-ul-Haq 29(42), Fawad Alam 9(14)

Pakistan continue to struggle to cope with the mounting run-rate. Fawad Alam, who was also struggling just like his skipper stepped down and hit out Prasanna for a boundary. Misbah, yet again playing a strange innings under pressure yet again. The required rate is touching nine an over now.



Pakistan 147/4  | Overs 29 | , Misbah-ul-Haq 9(21), Fawad Alam 0(3)

Sri Lanka continue to reap the rewards of their excellent spin bowlers and Shehzad’s scoop goes awry and takes the toe end of his bat and Sangakkara takes another good anticipatory catch. The match is beginning to fall apart here. Its all happening here in Hambantota.

OUT! Ahmed Shehzad c Sangakkara b Prasanna 52 (74) 


Pakistan 138/3  | Overs 26 | Ahmed Shehzad 52 (74), Misbah-ul-Haq 9(21)

Ahmed Shehzad reaches his fifty. Its been a rather laboured knock from the Pakistani opener but the run rate is mounting and Misbah, as usual his taking his own time to settle down at the crease.


Pakistan 123/3  | Overs 23 | Ahmed Shehzad 44 (56), Misbah-ul-Haq 3(13)

Sri Lanka are on top at this stage and it is Prasanna who should take all the credit. Misbah is not able to get things under way and the pressure is mounting on Pakistan.


Pakistan 119/3  | Overs 20 | Ahmed Shehzad 40 (56), Misbah-ul-Haq 2(2)

Umar Akmal plays a tame defensive shot and it is Tillakaratne Dilshan who does the trick. The ball takes a hint of turn, hits Umar’s gloves and bobbles up in the air and Kumar Sangakkara takes a safe running catch. The younger Akmal is livid.


OUT! Umar Akmal c Sangakkara b Dilshan 1(3)


Pakistan 115/2  | Overs 19  | Ahmed Shehzad 38 (53), Umar Akmal 1(2)

Seekkuge Prassana does the trick for Pakistan and it was a superb delivery. A classic leg-spinner’s dismissal, the ball pitched on middle and off stump and trapped him plumb in front of the stumps and that’s the end of a rather entertaining knock.


OUT! Mohammad Hafeez lbw b Prasanna 62(49)


Pakistan 112/1  | Overs 17  | Ahmed Shehzad 37 (47), Mohammad Hafeez 61(45)

Spinners are in play and things have been tied down a little bit for the time being. Pakistan are still well ahead of the asking rate and Sri Lanka are using Rangana Herath in full form and he is getting some serious turn. One wonders if the 14-wicket haul has left any mental scars.












Pakistan 100/1  | Overs 14  | Ahmed Shehzad 29 (38), Mohammad Hafeez 57(36)

With all this carnage happening at one end, Rangana Herath shows his class. Pitching up, turning although not by much and the Shehzad is can’t get him away. Its a maiden over under the circumstances. Give this man an emmy!


Pakistan 100/1  | Overs 13  | Ahmed Shehzad 29 (32), Mohammad Hafeez 57(36)

Oh my goodness this is scintillating cricket here. Boundaries all around the wicket. A pull shot, flick and a cut brings three boundaries in the Thisara Perera over. Hafeez brings up his fifty in just 28 balls and Pakistan are running away with it. This is simply delightful to watch and the four that he struck down the ground to bring up his fifty is a connoisseur’s delight.


Pakistan 80/1  | Overs 10  | Ahmed Shehzad 26 (28), Mohammad Hafeez 40(22)

Lasith Malinga is also not getting his length right and more boundaries flow off Hafeez’s blade. The run rate is eight now and Jayawardene has gone off the field for treatment. Sri Lankans are looking a little worried here.




Pakistan 71/1  | Overs 9  | Ahmed Shehzad 26 (27), Mohammad Hafeez 31(17)

Kulaksekera is also being torn apart and Ahmed Shehzad is in Virat Kohli in ODI mode here. He picked up Kulasekera’s length early and flicks beautifully, shifting his weight from one side to the other to get a boundary and Hafeez is playing a blinder for Pakistan here.




Pakistan 64/1  | Overs 8  | Ahmed Shehzad 20 (22), Mohammad Hafeez 30(16)

Pakistan are dealing in boundaries at the moment and Hafeez and Shehzad are taking no half-measures here. Rangana Herath, for all his brilliance was taken to the cleaners and runs are coming thick and fast here. Despite all the talk of chasing in Sri Lanka being a tough ask, the Sri Lankan bowlers are unable to stem the flow of runs. What Sri Lanka need right now is a wicket.


Pakistan 36/1  | Overs 5  | Ahmed Shehzad 15 (18), Mohammad Hafeez 8(2)

Ahmed Shehzad is joining in the act and smacks Kulasekera on the off-side for a boundary. He picks up a couple of the second. After carefully negotiating. There is another boundary of the last ball of over.




Pakistan 26/1  | Overs 4 | Ahmed Shehzad 5 (12), Mohammad Hafeez 8(2)

Sharjeel was looking confident at the crease and played some confident shots with minimal risks. Ahmed Shehzad, on the other hand is enduring a rarther uncomfortable initial phase and is struggling to get things under way. With the mounting run-rate, Sharjeel goes for the long hop and only finds Rangana Herath at mid-on. Its a soft way to depart and Malinga gets the first scalp. Mohammad Hafeez, who loves to play Sri Lanka gets off the mark with a scintillating pull shot to the fence and then chips the next ball  away from Kulasekera for another boundary.

OUT! Sharjeel Khan c Herath b Malinga 9(10)






Pakistan 0/0  | Overs 1 | Ahmed Shehzad 0(6), Sharjeel Khan 0(0)

Its an immaculate start by medium pacer Nuwan Kulasekera. With the Pakistan batsmen chasing a huge score, the pressure is visible and Shehzad was unable to break the shackles in the first over. Its a maiden to start proceedings.




Sri Lanka 310/9 | Overs 50 |  N Kulasekera 5(6)

The rain of boundaries from Perera’s blade continues and here goes another huge six, intercepting two fielders stationed deep on the leg side. The target has already reached an improbability for the Pakistanis. Sri Lankans try to eke out every bit of run possible and Perera falls short of his ground trying a highly risky two. End of the Thisara blitzkrieg. Wahab Riaz cleans up Lasith Malinga with a clinical yorker of the last delivery.

T Perera Run Out 65 (36), L Malinga b Wahab 0(1)


Sri Lanka 300/6 | Overs 49 |  T Perera 57 (33), N Kulasekera 3(4)

Junaid needs to be accurate here and the rain of boundaries continue. First a boundary comes of the second ball and the fourth ball is pummeled down the long off boundary after spending an age in the air and ball crosses the boundary ropes and it is another six for Perera. Thats 300 up for Sri Lanka.





Sri Lanka 288/6 | Overs 48 |  T Perera 49(28), N Kulasekera 1(2)

First, Mathews clears the field to bring up his highest ODI score and then fails to clear the infield and Hafeez takes a simple catch and the first ODI hundred is still impending for the Sri Lankan captain. Perera continues his savagery and its four more of the last ball.

OUT! Angelo Mathews c Hafeez b Wahab Riyas 93 (115)


Sri Lanka 277/6 | Overs 47 |  T Perera 44(27), Angelo Mathews 89 (111),

Mohammad Irfan is into the attack and the boundaries continue. Perera shows why he is one of the finest lower order batsmen around. A slightly short delivery and the ball is nicked behind first slip in a premeditated fashion for a boundary. Then the slow delivery is read perfectly and lifts the ball over extra cover for another four. Perera caps the over with huge six over long on. 19 comes of the over.



Sri Lanka 258/6 | Overs 46 | , Angelo Mathews 86 (111), T Perera 28(23)

Awful bowling by Junaid Khan and Mathews and Perera are tearing the left-arm pacer to shreds with some calculated big hitting. Perera wallops a six on the leg side that sends the crowd into raptures. Then Mathews makes room and plays an inside out short over long on and is closing in on his highest score.


Sri Lanka 243/6 | Overs 45 | , Angelo Mathews 80 (108), T Perera 21(20)

Sri Lanka are slowly beginning to take the ariel route and the Junaid errs in line and length, which results in boundaries from Thisara Perera and Angelo Mathews. First a ball on the leg side is whacked for a boundary and then Mathews churns out two boundaries on either sides. Can he bring up his first ODI hundred?


Sri Lanka 227/6 | Overs 43 | , Angelo Mathews 71(100), T Perera 14(16)

One of the most unusual of no-balls in the day and age of free hits. Junaid Khan kicks his stump in his delivery stride and the umpire stretches his arm right away. Sri Lanka are holding out for the latter overs.


Sri Lanka 219/6 | Overs 42 | , Angelo Mathews 67(96), T Perera 11(13)

After a disastrous powerplay, Wahab Riyas adds further misery to the hosts and is giving nothing away to the batsmen. Pakistan have to watch out for these batsmen though, both of whom are power hitters.


Sri Lanka 209/6 | Overs 40 | , Angelo Mathews 61(90), T Perera 7(7)

Anwar Ali, who is on the field for Shahid Afridi shows a masterclass in what ground fielding is all about. The ball is smacked down the ground by Angelo Mathews and it hits Wahab Riyas’s shin and beats Anwar at mid-on. He stumbles on the ground but still does not give up and in the last second, stops the ball from going to the boundary. Brilliant work. Sri Lankan batsmen are still taking it slow.


Sri Lanka 194/6 | Overs 38 | , Angelo Mathews 53(84), T Perera 0(1)

Sri Lanka are losing their way a little bit and and Mohammad Hafeez scalps another one. Angelo Mathews has still not shifted gears and here is Ashan Priyanjan who tries to work the ball away on the leg side and is trapped plumb in front. After some sterling displays in the CPL, here is Hafeez finishing another fantastic spell which ended with figures of 3 for 39.

OUT! A Priyanjan lbw b Hafeez 3(7)


Sri Lanka 188/5 | Overs 36 | , Angelo Mathews 50(80),

Sri Lankan skipper Angelo Mathews reaches another fifty. this has been a rather sedate and painstaking fifty, quite unlike his usual self.  The run-rate has dropped quite a bit and Pakistan strike yet again! Seekkuge Prassana tries to sweep Hafeez out of the ground and he is caught plumb in front.

OUT! Seekkuge Prassana lbw b Hafeez 1(6)


Sri Lanka 184/4 | Overs 34 | , Angelo Mathews 47(73), Seekkuge Prassana 0(1)

Spin continues at both ends for Pakistan. After waiting for eternity Pakistan get a breakthrough. It was Mahela’s failure to connect than the bowler’s wizardry that did the trick for the visitors. The ball kept slightly low and crashed on to the middle and off-stump. Mahela was looking set to score a ton here.

OUT! Mahela Jayawardene b Hafeez 65(71)


Sri Lanka 178/3 | Overs 32 | Mahela Jayawardene 65(71), Angelo Mathews 42(65)

Spin continues here and its time Misbah tries something different and to stem the flow of runs here. Pakistan have had patches of good spells in the middle but runs are ticking by.


Sri Lanka 165/3 | Overs 29 | Mahela Jayawardene 61(60), Angelo Mathews 39(58)

Mahela Jayawardene and Angelo Mathews bring up their hundred run partnership and it has been easy pickings for the two batsmen in the last half an hour. Runs have come at a breeze and the Sri Lankan batsmen are coasting along


Sri Lanka 157/3 | Overs 27 | Mahela Jayawardene 57(55), Angelo Mathews 35(51)

Jayawardene is now toying with the bowlers and Afridi’s early penetration is gone and here he is sweeping the ball beautifully to the deep-mid wicket fence.


Sri Lanka 147/3 | Overs 25 | Mahela Jayawardene 50(49), Angelo Mathews 32(45)

Ahmed Shehzad is given another over and Mahela Jayawardene reaches his 74th fifty. He is far from finished from cricket. Then Angelo Mathews latches on to a loose ball and hammers down the long-on boundary for a four.


Sri Lanka 139/3 | Overs 24 | Mahela Jayawardene 48(47), Angelo Mathews 26(41)

The Pakistani bowlers are erring in pitching the ball short to Jayawardene and he is latching on it gleefully and will keep ticking the scoreboard all day long.


Sri Lanka 134/3 | Overs 23 | Mahela Jayawardene 45(43), Angelo Mathews 24(39)

Its Ahmed Shehzad who is given the ball. He gets drift and turn and beats Jayawardene. There is an appeal for a stumping against Jayawardene but he is safe. Then he pitches it wide and Jayawardene plays a cracking cut short to the boundary. The line is fuller from Shehzad there are full tosses but the overall look of him as a bowler is very good for a part-timer.


Sri Lanka 127/3 | Overs 22 | Mahela Jayawardene 40(40), Angelo Mathews 22(36)

Shahid Afridi bowls a terrible delivery down the leg side and Umar Akmal can’t stretch his arms on time to stop the ball. It is four wides and Afridi is livid with his keeper. Jayawardene then ends the over with a delicate late cut that goes to the boundary behind third man. This is wonderful batting from the veteran.


Sri Lanka 105/3 | Overs 21 | Mahela Jayawardene 31(37), Angelo Mathews 20(33)

Hafeez come in Jayawardene is on the march. Here, he plays a delicious paddle sweep to the boundary to fine leg. The duo bring up their fifty partnership and the last ball of the over is lofted over long-on for another four. The Sri Lankans are kicking on here.


Sri Lanka 105/3 | Overs 20 | Mahela Jayawardene 22(33), Angelo Mathews 18(31)

Afridi is taken for a boundary by Jayawardene and its a much needed boundary for Sri Lanka. It was a classic Mahela inside out shot that goes to the boundary. The same shot is played two balls later and its two more to the total.


Sri Lanka 99/3 | Overs 19 | Mahela Jayawardene 16(31), Angelo Mathews 18(31)

Its spin from either end with Mohammad Hafeez coming into the attack. Hafeez is attempting to grip and turn the ball off the good length areas and Sri Lankan batsmen patiently calm waters here with minimum fuss. They need to see out this phase and they should be fine.


Sri Lanka 95/3 | Overs 18 | Mahela Jayawardene 14(24), Angelo Mathews 16(28)

This is outstanding stuff from Afridi. Yet again, his old tricks are in full display and he has Mathews on the back foot. There is spin from the wicket and yet again only two comes of the over.


Sri Lanka 93/3 | Overs 17 | Mahela Jayawardene 15(23), Angelo Mathews 13(23)

Mathews is growing in confidence and is stroking the ball well. Here, he plays a superb straight drive and its a boundary.


Sri Lanka 85/3 | Overs 16 | Mahela Jayawardene 12(22), Angelo Mathews 9(18)

Shahid Afridi is brought into the attack and starts with two tidy deliveries. Afridi’s is spinning it on the rough and its wonderful over. Just two comes of it.


Sri Lanka 84/3 | Overs 15 | Mahela Jayawardene 11(21), Angelo Mathews 8(13)

After sustained pressure on Jayawardene from the Pakistan bowlers, Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Irfan in particular are culprits of letting the former Sri Lankan captain off the hook. A short delivery is hooked to third man by Jayawardene and Irfan, inexplicably lets the ball go between his massive hands to the boundary.


Sri Lanka 80/3 | Overs 14 | Mahela Jayawardene 7(15), Angelo Mathews 8(13)

Jayawardene continues to struggle for runs here and Pakistan are smelling blood. This has been the best phase of Pakistan in the match so far but Angelo Mathews gets under away with a strong push down the ground that goes for a boundary.


Sri Lanka 73/3 | Overs 13 | Mahela Jayawardene 5(13), Angelo Mathews 3(9)

Wahab Riaz to start the first over after the drinks break and he gives nothing away and is spot on target. Just three runs comes of the over.


Sri Lanka 70/3 | Overs 12 | Mahela Jayawardene 4(12), Angelo Mathews 2(4)

Sri Lankan fans on Twitter are expressing their anguish on Upul Tharanga not building on his starts.


SL 70/3 | Overs 12 | Mahela Jayawardene 5(13), Angelo Mathews 3(9)

Mohammad Irfan is brought into the attack and Jayawardene is on the back foot. The two meter man is spot on and only one run comes of the fifth delivery. Mathews keeps strike and its drinks!


SL 68/3 | Overs 11 | Mahela Jayawardene 3(7), Angelo Mathews 1(3)

Wahab Riaz continues and the first delivery is a loose one down the leg side and its four leg byes because of some sloppy work down from Umar Akmal behind the stumps. The ball shaped away nicely away from the left hander and he can do little but nick the ball to Umar Akmal behind the stumps. That was beautiful bowling from Wahab Riaz. Angelo Mathews has promoted himself and begins his stay at the crease with four leg-byes.

Upul Tharanga c U Akmal b Wahab Riaz 27(28)


SL 58/2| Overs 10 | Upul Tharanga 27(28), Mahela Jayawardene 2(6)

Junaid Khan is tidy in the first few balls and leaves nothing away for the batsman. Then Tharanga flicks the ball away with ease to the deep mid-wicket fence.


SL 52/2| Overs 9 | Upul Tharanga 22(24), Mahela Jayawardene 1(4)

Sangakkara is dismissed in the most stunning fashion. The ball is pitched short and Sangakkara elegantly pulls it but Pakistanis stationed a man at short mid wicket. Sohaib Maqsood is the fielder, who takes a sharp catch and Wahab Riaz strikes for Pakistan. Pakistanis are gunning for another wicket and Riaz is spot on against new batsman , Jayawardene. The Sri Lankan legend keeps strike.


 OUT! Kumar Sangakkara c Maqsood b Wahab Riaz 11(16)




SL 51/1 | Overs 8 | Upul Tharanga 22(24), Kumar Sangakkara 11(14)

Junaid Khan continues to bowl and the ball is pitched wide and Tharanga latches on to it in a hurry and the ball races away to the boundary. Otherwise, the length is spot on from Junaid and its a decent over.


SL 44/1 | Overs 7 | Upul Tharanga 17(19), Kumar Sangakkara 10(13)

After the eventful previous over, Junaid Khan has pitched it short and wide and Tharanga cuts the ball with utmost glee and the ball races to the boundary. Irfan tries to intimidate Sangakkara with a short delivery of the fifth ball and its ends up being a little wide and the Sri Lankan veteran latches on to it and its another four.




SL 34/1 | Overs 6 | Upul Tharanga 12(15), Kumar Sangakkara 6(11)

Junaid continues and the overpitched delivery is struck beautifully on the off -side for a boundary. The second one brings a loud appeal from the Pakistanis after a catch is taken. It is taken upstairs from the umpires and replays show a bump ball. the next ball moves away from the batsman and Umar Akmal takes it and Pakistan go up again and the umpire gives it out. Tharanga then reviews it and the decision is overturned. Quite an over I must say!




Irfan continues and there is a little bit of a confrontation. Then Tharanga breaks his shackles and smacks a four on the leg side. This comes as a relief for him.



The ball raps Tharanga on his pads and Junaid and co vociferously appeal again. The ball was going down leg this time. Sangakkara opens his account for the day by gorgeously shifting his weight and flicking the ball on the leg side for a boundary. Junaid’s balance is a little off and bowls a wide. Sangakkara then nudges the ball on the off-side and looks for a couple, but Fawad Alam does well. Its nine from the over.



Irfan bowls the third over and the first two balls rattle the southpaw. The delivery is slashed in Sanath Jayasuriya style and the ball bounces just short of third man. Single. Sangakkara is cautious and its a very good over from the seven footer.




Left-arm pace at both ends it Junaid Khan is into the attack. The mercurial pacer drifts on to the leg side off the second delivery and is tucked away by Dilshan behind square leg to bring his second boundary. The fourth delivery is pitched short and Dlishan rocks back on his back foot and smacks it on the leg side for another boundary. Dilshan misses the next ball, trying to go for a big heave. Pakistan go up in arms. There was a noise though and the fielding team use a review. Decision changed — Dilshan is given out much to his bemusement
T Dilshan c U Akmal b Junaid 13(10)



It is the gargantuan figure of Mohammad Irfan to start proceedings and Dlishan slashes to get a boundary in the third man. Its a decent start from Sri Lanka on a track that’s got a lot of runs in it.



There is free entry for all the spectators in the Mahinda Rajapaksa Stadium in Hambantota

Changes: Sri Lanka have Seekuge Prasanna has come in place of Dinesh Chandimal and Sharjeel Khan has replaced Younis Khan, who is gone back home for personal reasons.

Toss: Sri Lanka win toss and Angelo Mathews elects to bat first

Welcome to the live blog of the second One-Day International (ODI) between Sri Lanka vs Pakistan at Hambantota. I am R Vishal and I will be bringing the live updates of the match. The hosts look to stay alive in the series after the narrow loss in the first match. The Lankans did everything right but they had no answers in store when Sohaib Maqsood and Fawad Alam decided to fight back and lead the team’s chase. Read the preview of the second ODI here

As far as the playing XI is concerned, the hosts are not likely to make any changes. The batsmen did falter and the key bowlers too were expensive. But they will be eager to put up a much better all-round show.

Meanwhile, Pakistan are set to lose the services of Younis Khan who has returned to Pakistan after the news of his nephew’s death. Sharjeel Khan seems the likely replacement. Here’s our choice of Pakistan’s playing XI

This is a day-night encounter which was shifted to Hambantota after heavy rains had threatened to wash out this match. But ironically, it hasn’t rained in Colombo since the decision.


Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Upul Tharanga, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Ashan Priyanjan, Lahiru Thirimanne, Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Kulasekara, Dhammika Prasad, Rangana Herath, Seekuge Prasanna, Suraj Randiv, Thisara Perera.

Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad,Sharjeel Khan,Mohammad Hafeez, Misbah-ul-Haq (C),Younis Khan, Umar Akmal,Fawad Alam, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Anwar Ali, Saeed Ajmal ,Mohammad Talha, Wahab Riaz, Zulfiqar Babar, Mohammad Irfan

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