Srinivasan was never in favour of ten teams in IPL: Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi said he had brought to the notice of the BCCI that Kochi consortium does not have the capacity to pay and would ultimately default Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Sep 22, 2011

Former Indian Premier League chairman Lalit Modi, who is currently in exile, said that ouster of Kochi franchise by the Board of Cricket Control in India, vindicated his stance and attacked the board of irregularities.

“I had predicted this way back in March 2010. I had at that time brought to the notice of the BCCI president and all members of the governing council that in my view this consortium does not have the capacity to pay and would ultimately default. I was categorically overruled and directed by the president, Shashank Manohar, to sign the agreement.

“This was done with the intent to please a few individuals. Unfortunately, they did not value my genuine advice, instead got embroiled in BCCI politics and were exploited by vested interest groups,” Modi said in an interview to TOI.

Modi belived that Kochi s termination was brougt in to help the current BCCI president N Srinivasan, who was not in favour of adding two more teams to the cash-rich league.

“A valuable property of BCCI (franchisee) has been reduced to zero. This is all being done with a design to help N Srinivasan, as he never wanted inclusion of two more teams. I expect another franchise to be terminated or he will try and sell it to somebody at a lesser price. On my part, all I was trying to do was ensure that I protected the revenues of BCCI with credible parties and safeguard against any default.” Modi said.