Smith is the highest run-getter of Ashes 2017-18    Getty Images
Smith is the highest run-getter of Ashes 2017-18 Getty Images

Steven Smith, whose run-feast alone destroyed the backbone of England‘s confidence, says he does not like watching cricket. The Australia cricketer clarifies that he would rather be out in the middle, batting and getting runs for his team than sitting back and watching cricket. So he did, scoring 598 runs so far in the ongoing Ashes and helping side majorly in clinching The Ashes Urn.

“I just want to be out there batting. I don’t actually like watching cricket that much and would prefer to be out there batting and just getting the job done,” Smith told “You ve just got to try and stay as focused as you can each ball and treat every ball like a different challenge and get through as many as you can.”

His heroics has naturally drawn comparison to the greats in cricket history, and the list includes Sir Donald Bradman. However, Smith is unaffected by all this. “I read different things that people write, but in the end I don t think about it. I just go out and play and try and get better each and every day,” he says about the comparisons.

“Playing this game you can never be satisfied and never think you re too good for the game. The game can come back to bite you pretty quickly. I ve got to work hard and each time I go to middle and make sure I ve got my routines and try and get myself in the zone each and every single time. And want to bat and make runs and get Australia in good positions,” he added.

“I don t play for the personal accolades. I play to do everything I can for Australia and as a captain leading from the front and trying to do my job as a batsman. Hopefully I can get a few more big runs and help Australia win a few more games,” Smith clarified.

Sitting on pinnacle of success, Smith believes he still has miles to go. “Hopefully I ve got a few more (hundreds) left in me. I feel like I ve certainly got a lot more cricket left in front of me. I’d love to make more big runs and help Australia win games and series.”