Steven Smith during the 2017-18 Ashes    Getty Images
Steven Smith during the 2017-18 Ashes Getty Images

You write columns, find his footages, analyse his batting, and still cannot decipher his magnificent success. Steven Smith has an average of 62.32 compared to Virat Kohli’s 53.7. The other two, Joe Root and Kane Williamson, who are often compared with Smith have not able to match his aura and brilliance despite being equipped with a better technique.

Kohli may be the only player who averages over 50 across formats, but Smith’s average of over 70 since 2014 speaks volumes of his skills in Test cricket. Since 2014 he has been scoring over 1,000 runs and 5 hundreds each year. Writing for, Nasser Hussain articulated, “You wouldn’t coach a young player to hold a bat like he does with such a strong bottom hand or move around quite as much.”

That shuffle has been Smith’s talking point. Many believed that he would get trapped LBW often, but that has not been the case. The above numbers suggest why.

“But when his bat comes down in contact with the ball it is the full face and his hand-eye coordination is just phenomenal,” analysed Hussain.

England pacers tried to lure Smith into poking outside off, but he mocks them by leaving delivery after delivery. Eventually the bowlers get bored and bowl where Smith wants them to. Thus far he has scored 426 runs at 142 in three Tests of the 2017-18 Ashes.

“At the moment his bat looks six-foot wide. He has got an insatiable appetite for runs. You can see when he bats, he gets in that little bubble. He’s almost oblivious to everything that’s going on around him, except the ball that is coming out of the bowler’s hand,” added Nasser.