Strauss uses golfing skills to improve his batting

Andrew Strauss is using golfing skills to improve his batting

By Cricket Country Staff

Mumbai: Mar 12, 2011

England captain and opening batsman Andrew Strauss is turning to golfing skills to improve his game. Strauss disclosed that he has swapped his bat for a driver as he looks to better his one-day game.

Strauss, who spearheaded England s recent Ashes win, is licking the wounds of a narrow defeat to England in their latest World Cup game at Chittagong on Friday.

The left-hander was explaining his new practice method in the Daily Telegraph. “Instead of running up the pitch and trying to hit the spinners over the top with an orthodox straight swing of the bat, we tried using more of a golfer s swing, taking the bat back and round your head and then using your hips and clearing your front leg to follow right through over your shoulder.”

One hopes that Strauss would bring his golfing skills to the cricket field and help England make the quarterfinals and then harbour thoughts of cornering glory at the Wankhede on April 2.

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