Stuart Broad and other England bowlers found it difficult to bowl at Trent Bridge © Getty Images
Stuart Broad and other England bowlers found it difficult to take wickets at Trent Bridge © Getty Images

Jul 11, 2014


Stuart Broad made some interesting points during his press conference at the end of the second day of the first Test match played against India at Trent Bridge.

Asked about the last wicket partnership in the press conference, Broad said that Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami played really well. However, the English team was not too dejected after the post-lunch session. “That was our best session, we picked up a lot of wickets. So we could not be too hard on ourselves.”

According to Broad, captain Alastair Cook had not taken the early dismissal badly. “There is nothing you can do about a dismissal like that. If the ball hits the thigh pad most often you find it going down to fine leg for one. It rarely hits the stumps. He would have been lot more furious if he had drilled one to extra cover. Obviously he is disappointed at not having contributed, but he is fine. He has been working hard on his off-stump line, but there is not much one can do about a dismissal like that. It’s like being caught down the leg side, when you think you have flicked one down to fine leg and find you have not got enough wood on it. There’s very little one can do about that.”

Broad was positive about England’s response. “It is not difficult to bat there. You have seen Robson before, he just likes to bat and bat and bat. And when Ben Stokes comes in at No 8 after a long day, it will not be easy for the Indians.”

When quizzed about the wicket Broad joked, “Indian wickets are faster.” He added, “At Trent Bridge people come to see good exciting cricket, quick bowling, catches travelling. Unfortunately not much of that has taken place in this Test.”


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