Stuart Broad

Stuart Broad travels with the 17-member squad to Australia in November for the reverse Ashes Test © Getty Images

Sep 26, 2013

England pacer Stuart Broad believes that the relations between England and Australia has not improved. England will travel to Australia in November to play the return Ashes, approximately three months after they won the 2013 series 3-0 at home.

“I think you could pick up from the cameras that there was a lot of talk on the field. There’s always a bit of niggle in Test cricket, you expect there to be a battle, but there’s something about England and Australia that sparks something a bit more,” Broad was quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph.

“The relationship between the teams isn’t exactly great. I think there’ll be some leftovers.’’

Broad revealed that the 2013 Ashes seem too ‘weird’ as according to the tradition, the post-series drink between the two teams never happened.

“Normally when you get together, the bowlers go off for a chat with their opposite numbers and the batsmen do the same,’’ he added.

“But with these series so close together, it was weird because there was none of that. It was a case of ‘I’m not giving anything of myself to you here, because I’m going to see you in eight weeks.’’

Broad said he is looking forward to England’s chance of winning the Ashes for the fourth consecutive time.

“I enjoy the niggle,” Broad said. “It’s tactical, you target certain players and you lay off others. The Aussies used to call it mental disintegration, but it’s a test of the man.”

“In rugby, it’s the big hit you have to prepare yourself for. In cricket, it’s the mental barrage. It’s good fun,” he concluded.