Cape Town: Following India’s embarrassing whitewash against South Africa in the ODI series, ex-India opener Sunil Gavaskar has come down hard on interim captain KL Rahul. Gavaskar reckons Rahul was completely out of ideas and under pressure. Gavaskar said that the pitch was good at Newlands as the ball was coming onto the bat well and the batter could play through the line.

While speaking on IndiaToday, Gavaskar said: “Well, when there is a partnership, sometimes the captain goes out of ideas. I think that is what happened. This was a very good pitch to bat on. The ball was coming onto the bat quite nicely, you can play through the line.”

Gavaskar also pointed out that Rahul got the combination of bowlers during the death overs wrong.

Gavaskar added, “During that partnership, it did look as if he had run out of ideas. KL Rahul didn’t know where to go. When you have your two-most experienced death-overs bowlers in Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar, you have to keep them for the last 5-6 overs.

Gavaskar also hoped that Rahul could turn things around quickly.

“So that’s where you can actually stop the opposition from running away with a big score. But these are early days of his captaincy and maybe things will turn around, let’s hope for Indian cricket’s sake that things turn around in the next couple of days,” he added further.