India captain Virat Kohli with coach Ravi Shastri
Virat Kohli (L) and Ravi Shastri (Getty Images)

After India’s morale boosting 203-run win over England at Trent Bridge, coach Ravi Shastri spoke about how his team is aiming to be the best travelling side in the world. After losing the fourth Test in Southampton and thereby the series, Virender Sehwag has taken a dig at Shastri’s comments saying such claims won’t amount to anything unless they can walk the talk.

“Best travelling teams are made by performances on the ground and not by sitting in the dressing rooms and talking about it. One can talk whatever they want to talk about but unless the bat does the talking, they can never become the best travelling team,” Sehwag was quoted as saying by India TV on Tuesday.

He also said that there hasn’t been much change in Indian cricket team’s fortunes when it comes to their record in overseas Tests. Sehwag gave the example of Sourav Ganguly’s tenure saying the team learned to win Tests under the former India captain but couldn’t seal series. While during his time, he said, India lacked bowlers capable of taking 20 wickets but they had better batsmen. Now, the problem persists but the factors contributing to it have reversed.

“We already learnt the art of winning single Test matches under Sourav Ganguly but we also couldn’t win a series overseas. So the problems are still the same. But the difference then was that our batsmen used to score runs but we didn’t have the bowling to take 20 wickets. Nowadays we have the bowling to do that but not the batsmen who can score runs.

“We haven’t scored more than 300 runs in an innings in the last few Tests, except maybe once or twice. It is very easy to say that ‘we are trying’, ‘we are not able to cross the line’ or ‘we will try in the next series’ but we have been repeating these statements for a decade now and we still haven’t won a series in Australia, England and South Africa in this period,” he said.