Team India jersey sponsor: Online tutoring company Byju’s to replace Oppo – report
The current Indian cricket jersey is sponsored by Oppo. © AFP

Bengaluru-based online tutoring company Byju’s is set to replace Oppo, the Chinese mobile-phone manufacturer, as the new brand name on the Indian cricket team jersey, the Times of India has reported.

According to a report on Thursday, from September 2019 the BCCI will assign the sponsorship rights for the Indian cricket team jerseys to Byju’s after Oppo pulled out of its existing five-year deal because the value acquired in 2017 was deemed “unsustainable”.

The TOI report claimed a BCCI source as saying: “Oppo has cut its losses and reassigned the rights to Byju’s. It will pay Byju’s a minor amount to help make the full payment while Byju’s will pay BCCI. The board will continue to get what is due to it.”

It is believed that Byju’s – the brainchild of Kerala-based entrepreneur Ravindran – will sponsor India’s jersey from the home series with South Africa in September. Oppo, who acquired the rights two years ago for an estimated Rs 1079 crore, will continue to be the sponsor until the end of the upcoming India vs West Indies series which stars August 3.

The report claims that the BCCI will continue to receive the same amount of money from Byju’s. The existing BCCI-Oppo deal is set to run until March 31, 2022.

In 2017, Oppo had bid Rs 4.6 crore per bilateral cricket match that India play, and Rs 1.56 per ICC tournament or Asian Cricket Council match.