James Anderson    AFP
James Anderson AFP

Despite leveling with Courtney Walsh s tally for 219 Test wickets, James Anderson sounded disheartened by the end of play in Boxing Day Test. Australia ended on 244 for 3, not too much given the scoring standards off late in Test cricket.

Anderson felt that more than the bowlers, England were let down by the track offered at MCG. Speaking to the press, Anderson said: “You’d think that the 90,000 people that turned up today don’t want to see 244-3. People want to see entertaining cricket, especially in an iconic game like the Boxing Day Test match at the MCG. People want to see exciting cricket.”

Defending England’s bowling he said: We did our best. We didn’t bowl great in the first session so we didn’t add to the excitement, unless you are a David Warner fan. But second session we did all we could on that pitch. I know it wasn’t exciting to watch, it wasn’t exciting to play in to be honest.”

Talking about the pitch he further adds, “It’s that attritional style of cricket but there’s not a lot we can do about from here. That’s the pitch we’ve got for the next five days and we’ve got to put up with it.”