Jonny Bairstow © Getty Images
Jonny Bairstow © Getty Images

David Bairstow had taken his own life in 1998 when Jonny was a mere eight. Bairstow Sr had played 4 Tests and 21 ODIs for England between 1979 and 1984, and was a Yorkshire stalwart during his heydays. Unfortunately, he went into depression soon after his retirement. When his father had passed away, Jonny’s mother Janet was battling cancer. In his book A Clear Blue Sky, Jonny has mentioned about all his childhood struggles.

While Australia and England are busy involved in war of words on the field, a cricket fan in Adelaide made Bairstow’s day ahead of Day Three of the second Test at Adelaide. Jonny, who usually ignores his Instagram direct messages, stumbled upon a fan message from a man called Andrew. Andrew had a special piece of family memorabilia for Jonny — a pair of wicketkeeping gloves signed by Jonny’s father on England’s tour to Australia in 1978-79.

Narrating the incident to ABC Grandstand, Bairstow said: “A chap called Andrew messaged me on Instagram, actually. I don’t really normally look at them (messages), but fortunately enough I did and (he had) a pair of wicketkeeping gloves signed by Dad in 1978-79. It was a fantastic gesture and I thank him ever so much for bringing them.”

2013-14 Ashes

This was not the first time Bairstow received a family memorabilia from a fan. During the 2013-14 Ashes at Sydney, Bairstow was gifted a tie that once belonged to his father, by Craig Coleman, South Sydney rugby captain and coach. Coleman had received the tie 25 years ago at Town Hall Tavern in Leeds.

Bairstow recollected the Sydney incident: “Little gestures like that, like last time I was in Sydney, the tie that I got given as well. It’s always nice. It’s something that’s always very special. Obviously in my book I make references to going around the world and I’ve been very fortunate to go around the world. People always have very fond stories of Dad and everything that goes with it.”