Root led England in Ashes 2017-18    Getty Images
Root led England in Ashes 2017-18 Getty Images

Ashes is one of the most high-intensity series and captaining either of the sides can be stressful enough to distract one from performing. England captain Joe Root had additional issues to deal with, with Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow having behavioural issues during the tournament. However, this did not affect Root s batting much and Michael Hussey praised him for that.

“I actually think he’s done quite well because there’s been a lot of distractions for England,” Hussey told “There’s been the headbutting incident (involving Jonny Bairstow), the Ben Stokes saga playing out and there’s been three losses in a row. He’s been disappointed and he would have wanted to perform better as well.

“But he’s come across quite level-headed, not wanting to panic, not wanting to make any rash decisions that other people around him (have), with fans and the media calling for a few heads. I think that’s a good sign and I think a tour like this can really help his education as a skipper and it could be the making of him,” he added.

Hussey said he could empathise with Root s situation.

I was interested in one of his comments that maybe one of his faults has been that he’s been trying too hard. I can empathise with that because I put a lot of pressure on myself and sometimes tries too hard. Sometimes the harder you try, the worse you go.”