While Tim Paine’s confident appeal handed Australia the crucial wicket of Moeen Ali, it has stirred a lot of controversies, landing commentators Michael Clarke and Shane Warne on different pages. While Clarke believes the benefit of doubt should have gone in Moeen’s favour, Warne opines the call was perfectly alright.

The story

England, who were struggling at 113 for 5, were restricted to 155 for 6 after Moeen’s wicket. Paine pulled off a skilful stumping. However, Moeen had his back foot grounded right on the line, and there was confusion whether Moeen had some part of his shoe behind the line. The on-field umpires referred it to the third umpire who gave his verdict as out.

Clarke says

“I disagree with that decision. I thought he had something behind the line and I thought the benefit of the doubt had to go to the batsman. That is a huge wicket to Australia. Tim Paine was the only one that appealed, he was confident straight away, but so was Ali. As soon as they referred it, he was very confident,” Clarke said on the Wide World of Sports broadcast.

“I don’t think you can clearly say there is something not behind the line, and the benefit of the doubt must go to the batsman in my opinion,” he added.

Warne, Michael Vaughn contradict

“I don’t see any reason to not give that out,” Warne said on commentary.

Vaughan said, “I think it was fair, it was obviously very tight. I also reckon it’s the thickest crease line I’ve ever seen.”

Fans vocal on Twitter

However, many England fans came out to vent their disappointment on Twitter. Some blamed it on the wobbly popping crease of Gabba.





Australia bundled England for 195 in the innings, setting a 170-run target to win the first Test.