Ricky Ponting on how to get Steve Smith out

The Juggernaut of Steve Smith continues to frustrate England as the 30-year old register his third Test double century on day two of the 4th Ashes Test at Old Trafford, Manchester on Thursday.

However, while no one seems to to have a clue about how to get Smith out, former Australia skipper Ricky Ponting believes bowlers need to change their strategy to at least make life tougher for him.


According to Ponting, bowling a stump-to-stump line may not work against Smith as the batsman rarely misses with the inside of the bat. Ponting backs up the statement with Smith’s dismissal stats in which he has been out leg before wicket only nine times in the 99 innings that he has played.

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“He’s only been out nine times lbw in his last 99 innings, so you know if you’re bowling straight you’re not going to get him out,” Ponting told cricket.com.au.  “He doesn’t hit the ball in the air through the on-side and he doesn’t miss them and get lbw.”

As per Australia’s leading run-getter in Tests, England bowlers should try and make Smith play more on the off side on a consistent basis and hope he misses with the outside of the bat on the off side.

“They have to think about going the other way. If he’s going to get 200 make him get 160 of those on the off-side, not 150 of those on the leg-side and just see how you go there.

“The one thing you have to do is try and challenge the outside of his bat. He doesn’t miss it on the inside.

“If you miss it on the inside you’re getting lbws, but he doesn’t get out lbw.

“He’s not missing on the inside of his bat, (so) try and challenge the outside of his bat for long periods of time, maybe put some protection on the off-side.

“This has all been spoken about before and most teams have tried it and they’ve tried around the wicket, they’ve tried over the wicket, they’ve tried short, they’ve tried full.

But Ponting also said that Smith is somebody who can work out a style of play to get the better of opposition’s strategy as well.

“He’ll work out a style of play that’s going to be better than what the opposition’s got,” he added.