Tiger Pataudi was a big prankster, says Sunil Gavaskar

Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar said that even today he doesn’t know how to address Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Mumbai: Sep 26, 2011

Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar paid tribute to Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi who passed away on Thursday. He called Pataudi a big prankster of his time.

Speaking about memories of Pataudi, Gavaskar recalled Pataudi as a man of few words. He said, “Normally he was a quiet person. So one could not make out what he was thinking. But when started to speak, it would either be something very funny or serious. His spoke in a very clipped manner but the message used to be delivered.”

Gavaskar also remembered the pranks Pataudi used to play on team mates. He recollected how Pataudi pranked India’s former middle-order batsman Gundappa Vishwanath in a forest where Vishwanath was made to believe that they were surrounded by real dacoits, and also one of his team mates Erapali Prasanna was shot ‘dead’.

The former India opener also felt sad that Indian cricket did not make use of his services after his retirement. He believes perhaps Pataudi did not like going on tours and remain with the team as manager or selector for a long period of time. He said,”May be BCCI made use of him sporadically. But whenever we spoke to him, he always had observations about opposition or Indian players.”

Gavaskar said that even today he doesn’t know how to address Pataudi. He said,”Through out my career, I never understood how to address him. In our conversation, when he was not around, we would call him Tiger sahab or Tiger but never in his presence. If he was present, I would directly start off a conversation than say, hi Tiger.”