Kimpton took 8 wickets giving away 3 runs    Getty Images
Kimpton took 8 wickets giving away 3 runs Getty Images

An unbelievable spell of 8 for 3 was bowled by Tom Kimpton of Royal Park-Brunswick as his team faced Footscray ANA in Turf Cricket North West. With an 18-run partnership for the last wicket, the Brunswicks earned a first innings lead and the opponents were to bat again. It was this innings when Kimpton bowled a destructive spell, getting eight of the opponents’ batsman out for 3 runs. In his nine overs, Kimpton bowled 52 dot balls including seven maiden overs. Of the three runs, two were wide balls while one came off the bat. Of the dismissals, four were bowled outs, one was lbw and three were caught outs. READ: MCC to help Namibia cricket grow

It was pretty remarkable, Kimpton told about gaining the first innings lead. It was actually my best mate and former housemate up the other end, Rory. We only needed 15 or so, the second ball he faced he hit a six. We got an edge through gully for the final four and I thought that was pretty much it for the day.

It was just an hour of ridiculous cricket. It was the best experience I have ever had on the field. I bowled a couple of balls that I don t think I could bowl again. I got helped out by one of their players giving a LBW out. It was pretty close, that gave me five and I was rapt with five. But it just kept happening.