Troy Cooley not eyeing Australia coaching job

Troy Cooley is Australia assistant coach since last two years © Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff


Melbourne: Oct 13, 2011


Australia interim coach for South Africa series, Troy Cooley has always laid emphasis on research and openness to new concepts, and also using technology while coaching the team.


He has sought information from a NASA aerospace engineer to help swing bowlers, which indicates that Cooley is cautiously developing skills and building his own resume.


Cooley is known for studying in wind tunnels and laboratories to expand his cricket knowledge, and is working strongly to secure the Australia coaching job in the future, reported ABC Grandstand Sport.


“Most good coaches want to put all their skills together properly and I’m going to do that. I’ve been a coach all along the way and I suppose every time you think of yourself as a coach (you think about yourself) as a head coach,” he said.


“But I set myself some challenges … and look forward to cutting my teeth through the Centre of Excellence and doing it the hard way. I’m giving myself the best opportunity to get myself skilled up so I make myself a more attractive prospect for a team that wants a coach,” Cooley added.


Former Cricket Australia sports scientist and Mark Portus is well aware of Cooley’s obsession for leaving no stone unturned to hone his skills. He says Cooley’s initiative to forge a relationship with Rabi Metha from NASA is indicative of his diligence.


“I know him pretty well … and I think he weighs it all up and thinks it’s probably not the right time for him. He got to know Rabi pretty well and picked his brains and then would go and try and replicate what Rabi was saying he was finding in wind tunnels and in his labs,” Portus said.


“He works through things systematically. He knows the game, he loves it and he cares. He cares passionately about Australian cricket and making cricketers perform to their potential,” he added.


Australia’s interim coach Cooley, who has had Ashes success on both sides as England bowling coach in 2005 and the Australian coach in their 2006-07 win. Cooley said his philosophy in South Africa will be simple.


“Help produce Australian players playing the Australian way, and get back to that (winning) environment. I suppose any progressive coach wants to get the best plan possible to put together, sports science has been on the up and up.


“They cause more problems than they solve, but that’s alright. We can deal with that as coaches. I’m pretty heavy into that area. I like to explore different options but, when it comes back to it, it’s about cricket. I’m a cricket coach and if we can find something that is going to make that player better or the team better, then I’m open to suggestions,” he said.