Using inaccurate technology is unfair: Srinivasan

BCCI chief N Srinivasan said Indian players don’t play all versions consistently So there can’t be any argument on excessive cricket AFP

By CricketCountry Staff

Mumbai: Oct 12, 2011

N Srinivasan, who took over as president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) insisted that the governing body is not against use of technology but against inaccurate technology

“The BCCI is not against technology. Our view was that the ball tracking was not good enough. We were told that the Hot Spot was good, but our recent experience has proved otherwise. So unless we have a foolproof system with the technology being foolproof, I don t see the need to use it.

“I would rather go by the umpires whom we have relied on all these years. Using technology which is not accurate all the time is unfair,” Srinivasan said in an interview to Livemint.

The new BCCI chief rubbished claims that Indian players are subjected to excessive cricket.

“T20 has come to stay. There are today three forms of cricket and all three are here to stay. So I don t agree with this issue of excessive cricket.

“Few Indian players play all three versions. When we take (into account) the total amount of cricket played, we do so in comparison with other countries and we take all versions. Our players don t play all versions consistently. So I don t see the arguments succeeding.”

When asked if it s a testing time for Indian cricket considering the team going through a transition, Srinivasan said: “I won t quite call it a testing time. For a variety of reasons, we did not do well in England. The foremost among them being we never had the full strength team from the beginning, we missed some key players and we had some bad luck also. We should not forget that we played well.

“As regards to impending retirements, all strong teams in the past have gone through periods when there has been a transition. The history of cricket is rife with such instances. Those are natural challenges we have to face and we have a good bench strength for it. We have a number of people who have not been able to get into the team. So one should look at this as and when there is a change as an opportunity for others to prove their mettle.”