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Image Courtesy: YouTube Screenshot

The game of cricket has often witnessed some miracles and this instance where a five-year old Rudra Pratap playing with the big guns is no less than that. How often have we heard that India is a place of amazing talents? Well, his young prodigy from Delhi is a testament to it. In the video below, a young and talented Rudra rubbing his shoulders with Under-14 Delhi side, which is not witnessed very often. The level of confidence he possesses is just breathtaking. He comes out out bat in the death overs and takes everyone with surprise with his confidence and ability to take on bowlers, who are almost thrice of his age.

Rudra takes guard like a master and had to overcome many challenges with his cricketing gear. As cricketing gears of his size are not available the little master has done well in wearing the cap first and then the helmet to get the helmet fitting right. Thigh pads of his size are hardly available so he has improvised on that front and used it as a chest guard. Funny but sensible. On this occasion, one of the commentators shares an interesting anecdote related t Aakash Chopra. When Chopra first started playing cricket, which was also at a tender age, most of cricket gears of his size were unavailable. His mom used to cut the normal leg guard with scissors to make it of Aakash’s his size.

Rudra on this occasion looks extremely confident and played some textbook cricket. He didn’t run any cheeky singles and knows the value of his wicket. He looked good for the future and certainly has the ingredients to excel in cricket.

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So, you think you could do what the child is doing?