England had decided to agitate Steven Smith‘s concentration by sprinkling a few words. In short, they want to give the Australians the dose of their own medicine.

England could not dismiss Smith in the last match. There had to be some way to pin him down, and England chose the war of words to combat him. It, however, worked well: Smith went for a mere 40 (by his standards, of course).

James Anderson right away chirped with Smith. In retaliation, Smith said a few things. To keep them away from altercation, umpire Aleem Dar funnily stood between the two to avoid any altercation.

Anderson first provoked Smith and remained expressionless. After giving an impress that he is retreating, Anderson went back to further instigate Smith. Aleem Dar yet again, without saying a word, coolly stood between the two.

Ahead of the second match, James Anderson had called the Australians bully. Smith replied by calling him “one of the biggest sledgers”.