VIDEO: Did MS Dhoni really troll Kieron Pollard?

Indian and West Indian cricketers share quite some camaraderie and a major credit for the same goes to Indian Premier League (IPL). The cash-rich league, which is a mixture of nationalities, has diluted the distinction between players from different countries to some extent. So, an MS Dhoni and Dwayne Bravo are now best of the buddies even when playing international cricket. Same goes with other players. ALSO READ: Infographic: MS Dhoni and records galore.

However, there are times when at the international level, these players compete on their skills and show the world what they are actually made of. They put in their cricketing acumen and knowledge on the line and try to outsmart the opposition. On one such occasion during the India –West Indies One-Day International (ODI) series in 2014, Kieron Pollard and Dhoni had a bit of a duel.

The match was being played in Delhi and India were batting first. In the 49th over, Bhuvneshwar Kumar was facing Dwayne Bravo and he set off for an easy single at the long on to give strike back to Dhoni. The ball traveled fast to Pollard, who made a deliberate fumble there, which resulted in Dhoni sprinting back for the second run and getting to the non-striker’s end. ALSO READ: Euro 2016 fever grips Team India; MS Dhoni and gang now shine with their video game consoles.

Now, this situation can be seen with two perspectives. One, which is the popular one, suggests that it was Pollard who tried to act smart and challenged Dhoni’s running between the wickets and as it happened, Dhoni completed the second run quite comfortably, thus trolling back Pollard. However, if we take a bit closer view, it appears that it was a strategic ploy on Pollard’s part to allow Dhoni take the second run and remain off strike in the crucial death overs. ALSO READ: MS Dhoni yet again comes up with an epic reply when asked on his upcoming break.

It was the 49th over, and it only made sense for the West Indies to keep Dhoni away from the strike, as he could have added vital runs with his big-hitting prowess. Pollard made a deliberate fumble and then returned back the throw to the bowler so casually that it was apparent he was not even trying to run Dhoni out. As it turned out, Dhoni remained unbeaten on 51 and India went on to win the match by 48 runs. It must not be forgotten though that at 170 for 2 in the 36th over, chasing 264, West Indies were into the game until a collapse took the match away from them.

Watch the video here and decide for yourself who trolled whom.